📜 [Wiki] Automatic links for technical terms or acronyms ; we need your ideas

On the French forum, I set up automatic links on some words or acronyms for visitors or newcomers who may not know what they mean.
The goal isn’t to have every post cluttered by links, but to focus on “highly” technical or very specific terms and acronyms.

For example, if someone writes “Unicon” in their post, then the word would automatically be converted into a link to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicon_(unicycling). “STOMP” could link to http://stompmunifest.blogspot.com/.
IUF” would link to https://unicycling.org/

And so on.

Let’s start a table with your ideas. This topic is a wiki and every one can edit and add entries.

We’ll discuss them in this thread to see which are the most useful to be added as automatic links. :slight_smile:

Technical info for nerds :keyboard: : Watched Words Reference Guide - admins - Discourse Meta


I’m in favor of all new listed terms. I like adding UPD! A link to an actual short video of an unplanned dismount would be awesome :smile:


UDC, M4O possibly

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UPD, unplanned dismount

HOW, hop on wheel

EUC, Extreme Unicycling Championshsips

ISIS, International Splined Interface Standard

SIF, seat in front

SO, seat out

SIB, seat in back

WW, wheel walk

NAUCC, North American Unicycle Competition and Convention

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I suppose that acronyms that may be identical to common words would be linkified only if they’re written in caps…

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I added a link for UPD, its just such a nice one :smile:

@turtle: Do you agree?


absolutly! that’s one of my best UPD’s (and I am really good at it :rofl: ) and per accident a hiker filmed it, just perfect!


@ruka Thank You for that! And, @turtle Thank You for being okay with it!

There are some good videos of UPDs, but that one is timed just perfectly for laughs, understanding, and an additional replay or two.


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Suggested KH with link to krisholm.com – since there is UDC and M4O… and folk refer to things like KH 24 etc…

Yeah… Ideally, maybe some info on a mouse hover with a tooltip would be better, but there isn’t any official or reliable component for that.


How about some more space, so you could separate explanation and Link?
As in :

SIF - Seat in front - Link to …

If for

IUF” the Info “International Unicycling Federation” was all I was looking for, the overview would be more practical, IMHO.
Maybe as another column, or with two lines in the middle one?

The goal is to have automatic links, as you can see in your message when you wrote “IUF” or “International Unicycling Federation”. Newcomers can wonder what these terms mean, so the terms directly link to the IUF’s official website.

But I also don’t want to see a lot of messages cluttered by links, it would be ugly. :confounded:

To circumvent this, maybe we could restrict the links to acronyms. For example, “IUF” would link to the website, but not International Unicycle Federation, because the terms are quite self-explanatory, sort to say…

The idea of having the acronym’s description when the mouse hovers the word (or on touch on touch screens) would be way more elegant in my opinion:


But here’s the issue I mentioned. Such a component exists, but there is no official maintainer. I could in theory maintain it, but that would be some work.
Or maybe I can ask the Discourse development team to add this system to their current system of “watched words” (which is used, among other things to linkify words), but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be on their to-do list soon :sweat_smile:

However, and on a less serious matter, an automatic link on UPD to turtle’s UPD video would be very funny, but the video’s title should be “Unplanned Dismount” or something like that so we actually know what the acronym means! :smile:

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