Wiked looking uni


i dont really know what to say in this thread… but i found this kickass sounding uni… does anyone have any experiance with it?


I don’t like the cranks and the pedals.
All the rest looks fine to me.

there’s nothing wrong with the Koxx Isis hub & cranks, Yoggis tested them to death so you have to assume they’re pretty good. The pedals seem a little too vicious, a set of platform V12s (or Wellgo equivalents) would be better, but apart from that it seems pretty cool. Its not perfect, but if you can’t upgrade whats the point? I’d love to have a setup like KcTheAcy has got, but that’ll cost me about £300 in upgrades, so i’ve started saving!


WOW, that sounds like the ultimate trials uni!

Anybody actaully used a 2.7 Monty yet though?

tha looks pretty hot,anyone know how much it costs in us$…

I mean i don’t like the look of the cranks en the pedals.
But yes they are strong and will last long.
PS: my Englisch isn’t good.

Your english is prefectly understandable, and at the risk of offending some members of the forum you’re doing much better than a lot of native speakers who post on here.

The Koxx cranks are pretty big and beefy, and they have almost no Q-factor so they can be strange to get used to, and look a bit funny. I think thats more to do with the prevalence of Profile-style 3pc cranks in unicycling, rather than a concerted effort to avoid other crank types though.


I think the koxx cranks look cool. And I dont really like Q-factor…

Off topic: whats the reason for Q-factor anyway?

I don’t really know, but it might be to keep your precious ankles away from the center crank bolt, therefore avoiding the skin loss problem that the old KH cranks used to have. They’re also a much bigger platform to aim for when learning things like unispins.


But since the try-all cranks dont have any “center crank bolt” sticking out that won´t be a problem.

I agree with you on the easier to unispin though. But if you use your uni for trials only i think the try all cranks would be the best

It cost the same as the regular KH in UK dollars, so it probally cost as much as a KH in US dollars.

I don’t like the cage pedals and the monty 19x2.7 tire, apart from that its pretty cool. Is it like a cross between kris holm and koxx-one trials?

Wow, thats crazy. Its pretty much an all new beast, not like any retail trials cycle I’ve seen. According to the site it has:

KH Frame: My favorite frame. Amazing in my opinion.

KH Gel Seat - I haven’t seen this on a retail unicycle yet, koxx has a similar one but I’ve never used it. Suppose to be really nice.

2.7" Monty Reifen Tire - I remember it being announced a bit ago but I’ve never even seen it until now. I have no idea how it rides. Looks cool though.

Try All Rim - Never seen it on a retail mass produced uni before. Really Wide (Good for the Wide Tire I guess). Its 47mm compared to 42 for the KH and 38 for the Alex, I believe. I’ve heard some people like and some think it’s too weak.

Koxx Hub / Cranks - Heard very good things about them.

Alien II Pedals - I’ve always hated cage pedals.

This is one of the unicycles I’d absolutely love to try but am too scared to purchase. 4 out of the 6 things I mentioned I’ve never seen on a mass produced uni before. Crazy. Oh yeah, it says on the site it’s 544.00 USD after VAT.

The try all rim is on the mass produced Koxx Devil Unis.

Kc, what exactly is a Uk dollar? I’m not trying to be snide, I just didn’t quite understand what you meant in your last post.

cegli, reifen is german for tyre. I’ve ridden the Koxx and the UDC gel saddles, they’re both pretty good, I agree about the pedals. Also of some interest is the fact they felt the need to upgrade the seatpost clamp from the single bolt the Kh uses as standard, or maybe that’s just what they could get cheap.

Incidentally the frame in this photo seems to be the older, higher crowned version

Sorry I ment Euro, I must not have been thinking.

Someone asked how much it cost in USD so I was thinking that since it cost 449,00 EUR and the KH 05 also cost 449,00 EUR then it would cost about the same as a KH in the US would.

That is one nice uni. The only thing I don’t like is the pedals, and I think it could do fine with a 2.5 creepy crawler.

Yeah, 2.5" is fine… not that I’ve tried the 2.7 though… but I don’t feel the need for anythign much bigger. About the pedals though… they MAJORLY suck. The grippy outer-layer is attached to the “X” by these screw type things… problem is… these screw-type things just seem to pop-out one at a time. Trust me, I’ve used these pedals and they didn’t last me a weekend.

Awesome uni…

Looks perfect to me, except for those pedals.