Wiked awsome trials video


I saw Ryan & Jeff pedalgrabing / Jumping with the front foot but different hands:

Ryan: Left Foot & Rigth Hand

Jeff: Rigth Foot & Rigth Hand

I know it is possible to pedalgrab with any convination of foot- hand. but my question is:

Does rigth handed people jump to the rigth?

I do because i find it more safe, I can manage better my falls!

Do you?

An observation!

Both of them pedalgrab with the front foot. Like expert unicyclist :slight_smile:

But… when jumping, both of them prefer to jump to the free hand side. (to the left whit rigth holding the seat)

i thought jeff jumped to his right.

Muniracer, you’re constantly selling yourself short! And that makes the rest of US look bad! I’m gonna be harsh now, so sit down and take a deep breath- from what vids I have seen you’re good! I’d sell a kidney for a hop like yours!

I’m glad everyone has liked my video so far. At the moment I’m working on a video which I hope to have finished by the end of July. For the most part the music will be funky and jazzy hip-hop instrumentals. I’m also featuring a number of riders who weren’t featured in Universe 2. Just wondering if there is anything you think should be included in unicycle movies that currently isn’t.
I’m looking forward to hearing what you think.

Karl, the song is ‘Spacing out’ by Run-on Conscience. It was made by a friend of mine who enjoys making music and has given me permission to use any song he produces. I don’t think he has anything available on the internet. I can make a CD for you of his stuff and give it to you at the Ottawa Unicycle Invasion

I can jump both ways. I find when I’m doing a line with larger gaps or high hops that I might not make to rubber I hop to my right (pedal grab side). When hopping to something I know I will make to rubber I hop to left.


how about a trade?

thats awesome!


That would be awesome, thanks alot…


Naa, ask for a liver. You have two kidneys, but only one liver. Also, wouldn’t having three kidneys make you hae to go pee really fast because the waste in your blood would process out so fast?

Jeff: Are you coming to California anytime soon? And also, which side did you priginally hop to? How did you learn both sides? This is a secret I must learn.

since there are not many unicylists, you preatty much just ride by yourself and think you are preatty good, then when you see a movie like that or go to some event and there are like 50 people who are 10 times better than you, then you realize…I suck…

one time before I even knew muni and trials was out there, I jumped my old 20" savage off a 10" drop and bent the cranks. I though that was sooooo hard core. so then I figured out that it did exist, so I bought universe 1, watched it, and you know what happened…

and on the movie, do some funky camera angles, like mount the camera under the seat and do some trials. And maybe even a helmet cam! stuff like that would be awsome

U2 has helmet cam, and Unizaba and ITTD have under the seat cams and I think one has helmet. As for under the seat for trials, for light muni that works because the uni ought to provide some protection for the cam, but during trials, weight is an issue, and also to fall means to bail the uni, and that could easily destroy the camera on the kind of stuff Jeff and Ryan are riding.

Deal, how do I get the hop?!

I think you should go for more doubles riding (sounds dubious I know), but it looks really cool when you see two riders doing the same line at the same time, like in U2. Maybe one rider doing a side hop onto an object, then the one behind doind a rolling hop before continuting the line. Just little differences between the two. I dunno, you guys know what you’re doing so I’m sure it’ll be great!

yeah, true. but the helmet cam would be awsome

hmmm… intriguing. obviously i have not gotten over my childhood bodily function libido…

but i also like the shots of two people riding at the same time. it worked really really well in U2. i actually am not too into the different camera views (helmet cam, crotch cam, etc). id prefer to see an angle that really shows you the terrain and distances in scale. i also love it when shots are slowed down or speeded up within one scene. slowed down to the extreme.

gerblefranklin: “U2 has helmet cam, and Unizaba and ITTD have under the seat cams and I think one has helmet.”

For U2 dan also hooked the camera onto one of the legs of my frame, so it was pointed down at the crank, where it attaches. It made for a pretty cool shot, while I rode a skinny then dropped of the end. It was really difficult to ride without bumping my knee on the camera, and was therefore pretty shaky.