Wiked awsome trials video


I just finished putting together a little video of a ride Ryan and my self did over the Easter holidays. This was filmed in an afternoon; I didn’t even use an entire tape. So it’s needless to say it isn’t up UNiVERsE 2 standards but please take a look anyways. Let me know what you think.



awesome. i was really impressed by ryan doing the high hop onto the thin rail then gapping onto the others. but everything was incredible of course.

that was pretty sweet. You gunna put up the Moab footage u got? or is that for a vid?


That was some sweet riding! Thoes rail kink gaps were awsome. And Jeffs line, pedal grabbing to the cement posts was pretty cool too.


Absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing.


Hey great video guys…I love the music. Is the band called spacing out and the song is called run-on conscience or is it the other way around. Also can you get it at a music store is it a liscence free song that you buy on the internet??

btw hope to see you all at OUI’ 04


Two words.

Wow and Ouch!!!

i have not watched it yet but i bet it will be amazing i just have 2 wait 2 get bak 2 school so i can watch them

Very cool vid! Great track too. It’s also good to see those awesome frames in action and put to good use! Were they kinport rail adapters on the seats?

Jeff has a Kinport, i have eliminated the need for a kinport on my seat. Anyways, Who is that awesome guy in the orange shirt anyways? hmmm


Explain please.

That was a Stuper cool movie…thanks for sharing…

i dont know but he is not very good


Props to Ryan! I really like the rail gaps, and Jeff’s pedalgrab to the top of the round pole. I was happy to see that it’s possible, as I just pedalgrabbed to rubber the top of my first pole on Thursday.

Hey Ryan and Jeff, Zack told me you might come to Ca sometime, is that still happening? You gotta come to SF.

Great Trials riding guys!

Smooth moves!:slight_smile:



ya know, i used to think i was a decent unicyclist. but thats the kind of video that lowers my self esteem.

I’m impressed.

yes. same here.

well, those guys rule. i hope i will someday.