wierd unicycle skateboard thingy

i want one :stuck_out_tongue:

Dorkiest youtube video I’ve ever seen. Not that one of those wouldn’t be fun…

Cool. Now the skateboard/snowboard crowd can argue and ponder the “skill” required to ride a self-balancing version of their rides. :slight_smile:

Though in this case, I don’t think the designer was going specifically after a one-wheeled thingie; rather he was trying to simulate the feel of snowboarding on powder. Using a single wheel allows for tilt in any direction to do the control inputs, as you would on snow.

I think this non-smart gadget comes much closer: http://www.tboards.co.uk/
I doubt they still have any stock (and the supplieng company quit years ago).

I like the one wheel board - far more interesting than the self-balancing things which have a more unicycle type layout IMHO given it provides something new in a way those don’t.