Wierd click

I just got a new Nimbus II 24 inch unicycle a few weeks ago. I haven’t had any falls that could have messed the pedals up at all yet. About a couple days after I got it, I noticed that after riding for about a minute, the right pedal would make a clicking noise. It’s been doing it since. It happens every rotation and I can also feel it a little. It’s done it on the left pedal too but not as much. I took out both pedals yesterday and cleaned the crank so there’s no dirt or anything. Then today I rode and it did it again. Once it starts it doesn’t stop. I think it might just be the pedals. Any ideas of what it is and how to fix it.


I actually already did. That was one of the first things I checked but that’s not the problem. Thanks anyways though.

Just for add in. Sometimes it makes two quick clicks and sometimes it’s just one.

Glad you asked. I’ve got a unicycle that I put new cranks and pedals on, and getting a similar click. Actually it’ll make 2 or 3 clicks each revolution, with the clicks right together, not spaced out.
Funky pedals? I tried oiling them and no change.
Wheel flexing and spokes clicking together where they cross?
Loose but not broken spoke clicking the rim each revolution? New wheel, and I can’t tell anything is loose or anything.

It doesn’t do it when I rotate by hand, even when I try to put pressure on it. Sometimes, after I’ve ridden 45 minutes or so, it will stop.

I’ve heard that sometimes the pedal axle might not be perfectly straight and that can cause it. I could prbably stick my friends’ pedals in my cranks and see if there is still a noise. I’m really hoping it’s just the pedals cause I just spent well over $200 and I don’t want to have a defective unicycle. Anyways, the more ideas about what might be wrong the better so keep responding please.


I had a clicking noise on mine and it ended up being loose bearing caps on the bottom of the forks.

I had this problem with the Odyssey Twisted plastic pedals. It happened on the left pedal on both of the odyssey plastic pedals I had purchased! Never a problem with any other pedal.

Try different pedals out and see if that fixes it.

I will try other pedals tomorrow and see what happens. I’ll let you know.

Also, check that your cranks are on the right sides, and that the pedals are in the correct cranks.

I had that same problem, I’m not sure what it was but I eventually got so pissed off at it that I threw the whole unicycle in the middle of the street and I haven’t had a problem since. Worked for me but I don’t recommend doing that… I got a pretty nice crack in my seat frame in the process

A click in the same place every rotation of the cranks is usually a pedal bearing, at least on a bike. Putting in a different set of pedals as you propose is probably going to give you the answer to your problem. If you use the search function, I’m sure you’ll find lots of pedal rebuilding/lubing threads.

Good luck. Sorry about your problem–it stinks when you get something new and there’s something wrong with it.

sounds like you need to tighten up the pedal bearings a little.
… that said mine do it too, but its a combination of a hub bearing and a lot of sand in the pedal bearing.

that had been happining to me for a while. for me it was the spokes. i keep mine tight now but not too tight.


it happened to me all you need to do is take the bearings out of the pedals then grease them up,be carefull not to lose the bearing or put them in the wrong way,or if your lazy like me just buy new pedals the stock ones are usualy rubbish anyway.:slight_smile:

could be ur spokes i know my uni makes terible noise when i ride it… i dont think it is the pedals on mine because when i changed pedals it didn’t make noise…

It’s definitely the pedals. Today when I got home I took the pedal off my bike and put in it(it’s the same size and everything, don’t worry) and it felt fine and made no noise. So now I ask, what would be a good set of pedals I can buy for not a lot of money. They need to hold up to hopping and stuff like that.


Update for my clicking noise: I checked the bearing holder thingies and they seemed plenty snug. I tightened the bearing screws down a little more, although they seemed reasonably tight. But, that seems to have fixed it. I actually tightened them several days ago, but hadn’t ridden again until this evening.

Unrelated to the above, I then had my tire blow out about a mile into my right. Looks like it was getting abraded a little bit right where it contacts the outer lip of the rim.

The right way to tighten bearing caps

Is just the right amount. The wrong way is to just sorta make it tight. This can bend the outer bearing shell, causing early failure, and of course, you don’t want it to loose either.

So here’s what you wanna do. Flip the uni upside down, and give it a good hard standard - spin. Count the revolutions until it stops. Next, loosen the caps completely, and give it another spin-count. If it spins a lot more, you had them to tight. Slowly tighten the caps until it starts to bind up and slow again. Then back it off a touch and it will be perfect.

I used to tighten my KH’s down snug, because the gap in the caps was so small, you wouldn’t notice any binding riding, I thought that was how they were made. Then UDC UK Roger pointed out that was wrong, and when I checked it, he was right. Both my KH’s spun twice as long after I adjusted the gap in the caps correctly.:slight_smile: