how much does the Onza 20-inch Trials Cycle wiegh and does it take big jums, it only has 36 spokes

it weighs too much, just get the KH; it is lighter, just as strong, and CHEAPER

Unless your in the UK in which case the Onza is cheaper.

like australia where it is 85$ cheaper.

To answer your question, it weighs enouph. More than a KH because of all the steel parts it has. The KH is mostly aluminum now, so it’s much lighter. But the Onza will be able to do big drops, and take abuse like all the others. If it’s cheaper where you live, and money is a problem right now, then go for it. Almost all trials unicycles have 36 spokes, including the KH so dont worry about it.

The Onza is 12.5 pounds (5.7kg) about the same weight as the Koxx and much lighter (at least 2 pounds) than the Torker or the Qu-ax.


Trials weigh in:
'05 KH - 12.46 lbs
'05 Onza - 13.23 lbs
'05 Qu Ax - 14.44 lbs
'06 Torker DX - 14.80 lbs
Summit - 14.87 lbs
Koxx Red Devil - 13.23 lbs
Nimbus Hoppily - 13.93 lbs

Not sure what the '07 KH weighs.

mine-11.5 lbs :sunglasses:

it takes big jums alright:D but if the wheel is anyting like my k1 wheel it will be 36 THICK spokes :sunglasses:

is the hoppily new because I have the hopply and it’s 14.4 pounds.