Widths of different saddles

There seem to be a lack of information about the width of different saddles. Let’s fill it!

A friend of mine is currently looking for a new saddle since they find the QX eleven too wide and we could not find any information about widths. In particular we are looking for the measurements of the Nimbus Stadium saddle. Other saddles are also welcome!

It would be great if pictures like below could be added with the read measurements (and unit).

I start with the QX eleven:

At the widest part: 14.5 cm

At the narrowest part: 7.5 cm


This is a saddle I have had with my Nimbus Oracle 36 in 2018. Not sure whether the Nimbus saddle have changed since then :slight_smile:

The measurements seem to be similar to the Qx Eleven saddle’s. It is hard to be precise, but I’d say it’s ~14 cm at the widest part and ~7.5 cm at the narrowest part.

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Thank you Maxence! I checked, this looks like the Nimbus Classic saddle. The Nimbus Stadium is a different one.

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Are you sure? This may have changed over time, but the Classic saddle (first picture) seems to now only come in black while the Stadium saddle (second picture) comes in a range of colors.
I do agree my saddle looks more like a Classic saddle (no drawing in the middle of the saddle), but it may be an older version of the Stadium. Nimbus Oracle 36er are now sold with Stadium saddles and I can’t find a description of the actual product I bought so many years ago :frowning:

@rogeratunicycledotcom may shed some light on this point - and even give us the right measurements as he should have them :grin:

I think that is a major problem. Saddles are not labeled with brand, model or date of manufacture that can identify a specific saddle and the exact specifications seem to change over time.

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I’ve measured the saddle of my Nimbus Oregon. I think it’s the original saddle, but can’t be sure, since I bought the muni second hand. The saddle seems to be what @Maxence referred to as a Nimbus Classic.

Measurements were taken with calipers and are 14.7cm widest at the back, 7.8cm narrowest, 10.4cm widest at the front.

@JimT, there’s often some information about the date of manufacture.

The DDK base of my saddle was made in feb 2014. That is of course not a precise indication of when the saddle as a whole left the factory, but we get an idea, and we know it wasn’t earlier than 2014.

I like this saddle for muniing; it’s pretty cushy and very “banana” which gives good control over the muni (I still haven’t a lot of muni experience, so take everything I say with a grain of salt). What I don’t like is the sponginess of the base. When holding the saddle and hopping or jumping you loose a lot of energy (and air time) to the flexing of the saddle. I really should buy or make myself a stiffening plate for it.

Thank you Becky for opening this topic! It should be standard for manufacturers to publish seat widths.
I have the Nimbus Stadium (model confirmed, bought in 2020) and measured 13.5cm on the widest part. I can take measurements as suggested by you later when I’m home.
I desperately tried to find a seat where I can place my 14.5cm ischial tuberosities:D The only saddles with enough width I could find are KH Fusion Freestyle (from 2009, had to buy them second hand) and M4One Handle saddle (barely, but works) - open for more suggestions!

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The best way to identify saddles is from the bottom. Look at the base it self. The KH and Qu-Ax eleven have the same base and it is wide in the middle. The classic saddle uses an old style base that was based on a base from the early 2000’s and is quite curved and lot thinner. The Nimbus and Impact saddles have the base that we designed and developed. It is a composite base that does not have a reinforcement plate built in to it so it is lighter, it is also less curved and narrower in the middle as riders have requested.

The narrower saddles does not suit everyone, neither does the flatter saddle, hence binging back the classic saddle.

The other thing worth noting is that the stadium does not suit all riders and some riders (women in particular) find it uncomfortable, this I would class more of a mans saddle. The go to saddle for women who want thinner, stiff, light saddle is the Nimbus Flat or Naomi saddle.

There is just not a single saddle that will fit everyone.


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This calliper disagrees with you. :wink:

(CC BY-SA 3.0 Simon A. Eugster)

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Saw here about 12 years ago


Kris Holm Fusion 1
14.5 cm
6.5 cm

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That old image of saddle profiles shows that other important feature of saddles, the amount of curvature. Looking at current saddles on UDC some do not even show a profile of the saddle. Maybe a standardized way to measure and specify the curve of the saddle would be helpful. Something as simple as measuring the dip in the center of the saddle from a straight line from front to back would be useful.


Here are some more measurements:

=> Impact Naomi: 14 to 14,5cm at the back and forth around 7 cm at the narrow part:

=> The KH Fusion street gel is along the same dimensions:

=> And finally the KH Fusion Zero is narrower along the same lines as the Fusion One: slightly under 14 cm on the back and 6 cm -ish at the center

Yet another detail that I have experienced can play on the comfort impression is also the shape of the saddle’s back: I love the Naomi saddle for Muni but there is a small corner that kills me on long stretches of road riding :woman_shrugging:

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Here’s the Nimbus Stadium:

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For general background rather than specific measurements, here are a couple of videos which give information on various saddles, their history and lineage (and covers what Roger said above):