Widescreen trials movie...

I realised today that my camera can capture widescreen footage and I haven’t ever tried it out. It looks fantastic for rails and that sort of thing.

I made a 1min40sec movie of the day’s riding. You can see a few stills from the clips in the compilation below.

The line with the metal rail is probably the most difficult thing I’ve attempted on a unicycle. It may not look that bad, but it’s amazing how much the springiness of the metal bar puts you off. It doesn’t just move when you suddenly move like most wobbly things, but instead it will keep bouncing for a long time and throw you off your line…very fun! The line was to ride the rail, gop to the counterweight, and then gap/drop to the wooden log and ride it out. I did everything except the wooden log part unfortunately. I think it’s a line for the sequel of “One Wheel Addiction”.

There’s another great line in there that unfortunately I only got three attempts at before getting a pinch flat (the first of two for the day!). It involved a gap/drop from a rock onto a wooden log, then to ride the log.

I also attempted to ride one of these logs, 180, and ride back but only got up to doing the 180 then hopping off.

The exposed roots in the picture below was fantastic! Lots of fun. It reminded me of a great section of Ryan Leech’s movie “Manifesto”…just nowhere near as impressive. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried uploading the movie to the gallery but it seems to be down so I really don’t know what to do. I’ll try again later.


That looks awesome. I can’t wait till you post the vid.

EDIT: Does the widescreen actually capture a wider angle then normal?

No the widescreen doesn’t capture any more width unless you’ve got some sort of lens ad-on I guess.


I just created a Gmail account (shared.media@gmail.com) to share all sort of files in situations like this one. Is there any danger in giving the password out to everyone and letting them download the movie through there?


Why don’t you give it out via PM or email? Be sure to make some sort of hint or whatever gmail uses for password recovery just incase some idiot changes the one you give out.

If you have your movie up I’d love to see it. Can you PM me the PW?

Don’t do that. Too risky. Someone will abuse the account.

There are options for sharing files. There are some web sites that will give you free access to shared space. I don’t know of any off-hand, but I’m sure some people here know of some.

Another option would be to create a BitTorrent for the file. Once a few people download the file(s) and keep the BitTorrent client open the downloads should be fast enough for our needs. However, a couple of people with fast connections would need to seed the file for at least a week or so 24/7 so the file would be available to everyone who would want it.

If you send it to me I think I can upload it to edonigee or whatever that place is called. But then you would all have to make an account to DL it. Accounts are free and take 30 seconds to create though, and you get to see a lot of cool bike trials vids.

Edit: I have the vid, but, of course, eengoedidee is down…


What about only PM-ing the password to people I trust?


That would work.

And would be a way to find out just how well you can trust that pool of people. :wink:

But it’s still not the ideal way to share files.

I’ll PM people the password if they want it…

If you want to see the movie, I’ll PM you the password.


Catboy made some promising looking suggestions for free hosts in this thread:

That metal rail fence thing is a sick looking line!

I had no luck with those sites unfortunately…didn’t seem to like .wmv files.


Bummer. Could you just change the extension on the movie to something the site likes and instruct everyone to change it back after they download it? maybe thats too much work

Good idea, but yeah I think it’s easier this way. I’ve already uploaded it to that Gmail account so it’s all ready to go.


I have (with permission) uploaded the file on to eengoedidee. It is a place for people who ride extreme sports to upload their videos. To download it, you will need an account, which is free. You must confirm an email though. I haven’t had any problems with them yet, but the free account only allows 3 downloads per day. The link to AC’s movie is:


Thanks a lot for that. That site’s fantastic, some great videos there. It’s worth becoming a member.


Low and hi-res versions up on the gallery!

3MB and 8MB versions are up now in the unicyclist.com gallery.


Enjoy the widescreen!


awesome video, as always!

Very cool video, 1 of many very cool videos you have done to be exact:)
I hope you land that last line, it would REALLY be awsome.
Nice stuff.


Great stuff…now just spend another 50 mins and you’ll have a full success…