wider wheel set on a torker lx frame

ok, my friend has a torker lx that he learned on but he never really got into it and doesn’t use the unicycle anymore. i told him that i want it so it will atleast get some use. since it is the 24" i was wondering if i could put on a wider muni wheel so that i would have a semi-worthwhile muni. so what is the biggest width tire and rim that i could fit on the lx frame?

i have a torker lx 24" and did the same thing to make a semi Muni my tire is
24 x 2.10 and it just barely fits so that is about as big as I can get before the tire rubs the top .there is around a centimeter or so between the frame and tire but it seems to ride fine hope this helps

awesomes thanks…if that’s all i need to know then feel free to let this thread die

People here have fit a Kenda Kinetics 24X2.6 in their 24" LX.

It depends on which year the uni is. The older ones with the solid black frame (non speckled) can fit at maximum 2.125 while the newer ones with the speckled frame seem to be able to fit around 2.6 or so. It can also vary from tire to tire, tires are rarely exactly the width they say they are. Whether the tire has a round or more square profile can play a role as well.