Wider tire = more stable?

Good article about choosing the right tire pressure.

Also, for manufacture ratings, it’s often more of an insurance thing. such as 35psi minumum pressures on trials tires.

Loved the Ardent on my 29" mUni. The minimum recommendation is a fine place to start. Bleed off a couple of psi and test ride bumpy roots. Repeat bleeding psi until you can almost feel the rim bottom out on a decent sized set of roots at speed. I’m 5’10" 170 and anything under 18psi risks rim damage. This is a better starting point IMHO then work your way up from there. Autozone stick gauge works better than all but the most expensive of digital gauges. Careful pulling on the valve stem with that hand pump especially with a FOSS tube where preprogramming psi with a floor pump before you leave the house is preferred. Find your sweet spot and mUni becomes incredibly easy.

Agreed. Narrow tires are easier to maneuver.

hehehe, sounds like you need to push it to harder stuff, or grab a faster wheel. ; )

No, if steering becomes less easy, so would your corrections.
So unless your tire is as wide as it’s diameter there is no gain.

That’s exactly the reason I would wish for latex innertubes (I do have some 26", but no 20").
Plus also the reason why I’m not a fan of kevlar in tires.

Also mind that under-inflation easily ruin tires. Especially on track bicycles and on unicycles you will see the walls being teared in it’s weaved crosses.
Especially skin-wall tyres without extra rubber, like this one will show this:

In 20" there’s now many high-presure tires (like 110 PSI)… on which low presure will be bad, and that are not be comfortable for unicycling on it’s intended pressure.