Wider Monty tire worth the wait?

I am building up a trials uni and Monty has the new wider 20 x 2.7 coming out within the next month to Uni.com UK. I don’t know when it comes available in the US.

I can’t decide wether to wait for the newer tire to come out, or stick with the white striped one I have now. I don’t do big drops, mostly stuff under 3 feet. and I like to ride low walls less than 6" wide. My psi is usually about 22 - 23 psi. Any harder, doesn’t seem to work for me yet.

Any thoughts.

Anyone got any real time practice on this tire? I only found it at Municycle.com in Germany.

well youdnt wait… what is .2 inchs gonna cahnge ? its gonna add mroe weight and maybe a bit of bounce…pointless just amke ur uni without it…

Ever seen the difference between a 2.5 trials tire and a 2.3 mtb tire? Its a huge difference.

And 2.5 trials tires are REALLY 2.7 inches, they just say they’re 2.5. A 2.7 would in reality be MORE than 2.7.

it makes a bunch of difference… it’s all a matter of personal opinion. i got a lot more bounce outta evan byrne’s modified not-bedford uni at CMW than i do offa mine with a 2.1 “the wall” tire. i think it helps.

I think from the sound of things, the only reason you should wait is for the novelty of having a fancy new wide Monty tyre (someone which should not neccessarily be ignored). :slight_smile: It doesn’t sound to me like it would help you all that much given the style of riding you described. I really think your current one can handle anything you’re currently dishing out at it. You mentioned riding narrow stuff. If you’re wanting to get into riding along round railings and other stuff that’s narrower than your current tyre, I’d consider this new one. I’m really into that sort of riding myself and I’m now considering investing in one. It’ll give you that extra few millimeters to move the wheel side to side beneath you which makes a much bigger diference than a lot of people seem to realise. The difference may not even be a physical one (although I think it is) but it could be a mental thing.

Let us know how you go.


The difference between a 20x2.1" and a 19x2.5" tire is gigantic. The difference between a 19x2.5" and a 19x2.7" tire is minor. It’s not fair to compare a 20" tire to a 19" one. That’s like comparing a 26x2.1 panaracer fire to a 24x3.0" gazzaloddi. Yeah, they have about the same OD, but that’s where the similarities end.

I haven’t ridden one of these larger tires, but I think your time and money are better spent getting what’s available now and having fun instead of sitiing and waiting. I apply that philosophy to most equipment purchases.

I do not think it is worht the wait. It wont really help you for trials 2.5 is alredy wide enough and the .2 might just add mroe weight.

In a word, no.