Wide rims on the road

Hey guys, just looking for some opinions here from people who have used wide rims on the road. Especially if you have also used skinnier rims on similar setups.

I know on a 38mm rim most people seem to prefer the 2.0" Big Apple to the 2.35 but how about people using a 47mm rim?

Here is what I am thinking. I am getting a 24" GUni and am generally not a big fan of the 24" size. I will give it a chance as a 24 but will probably be re-building it as a 26.

I would like this thing to be capable both on and off-road and was wondering if I went with a 50mm rim would that be too much for the road. It would be a relatively light rim from speedway, or failing that a single walled trials rim if I can find one in 36h. I would also need to find out what kind of road tire works well on wide rims. I have used a Maxxis Hookworm on both 38 and 46mm rims and it is fine on both but would like to loose a lot of that weight.

I had a hookworm on a 24" Curly Conundrum Guni for a while.
It really sucked…The unicycle literally wanted to be perpendicular to the road at all times, even at high PSI and at low PSI there was so much tire contact that it was super hard to turn…

mmm that’s not promising. So 65mm with hookworm is not a good combo. I hope 50mm is not too wide but I do love a wide rim for offroad.