Wide hub installation

Do I need to adjust (bend) my cheap uni’s frame to accomodate a
Unicycle.com hub which is wider than the original? I had to gently
pry the frame apart (~1cm) to get the hub to fit, and want to know how
much the pressure is hurting the bearing.

In case you’re interested, this is on my 5 month old Sun which - now
that the hub has broken - is down to only four original parts: the
frame, seatpost, clamp, and tube. OK, five if you count the valve


Bend the frame so that, when you let go, it remains at the proper position to put no side pressure on the bearings. To do this, you have to bend it a little further than the new bearing spacing. Do the bending without the wheel installed.

If you can, have a bike shop do the bending with frame/fork alignment tools. Otherwise, foot and hand work pretty well, especially for the lower quality frames that have softer metal.

Roger Davies has a frame bending FAQ. That FAQ will explain how to bend a frame so it will fit a wider hub.