Wide foot seeking wide pedal for special get-together.

So…umm…need a wide pedal for Muni. Width (as in: dimension measured along the pedal axle) is the top priority.

Other things this foot looks for in a pedal are:

Thin. (Before you get offended–I mean as in low-profile pedal height)

Light. (Again, not like it sounds.)

Concave. (I like 'em curvy like that.)

Clingy. (Think grippy.)

And, of course, smartly dressed helps.

Thx for playing matchmaker,

I think the Drillium pedals fit all those criteria (not sure about weight though), and are apparently good for muni. They’re very expensive though.


I’ve seen those (in pictures).

They are certainly dressed nicely, and I’d buy em if they’re wider than other pedals. Problem is, I never seem to be able to get stats on how wide pedals are.

I agree they look wide, do you know how wide they actually are, or that they are wider than another certain pedal.


Not first-hand, but I know Terry Peterson (MuniAddict on here) likes them and I’m sure I’ve seen him remark about them being wider than other pedals. You could try PMing him if he doesn’t respond to this thread.


I have really sensitive feet…as in, they start hurting really fast if the pedal bodies aren’t big enough. I reeeeaaaallly love my wellgo mg-1’s, and they match all your criteria…light, grippy, and big pedal body.

As far as width and thickness they are the same as most platforms I’ve seen.

They are about the same width as my DX pedals, and a tad wider than my JC’s.

My next pedals are going to be low prifile as well, but almost all are expensive and aren’t compatible w/ pedal protectors. I’m looking at KONA WAH WAH’s. The '08 pair are a bit less $, but the '09 ones come in white too (now called Primo). The '09 standard WAH WAH’s cost a lot less (i think $35) but, there aren’t as many pins & I don’t think they are removable (but if they’re the same as the standard Jackshits, they’re very grippy, a bit more than my DX’s), and in pictures they look like they may be a tad thicker than the Primos.

Kona Jackshits.

Not what you are looking for, but its kinda what you want.

Do you have the standard ones or the Pimos? (The standard ones pins’ aren’t removable, similar to my DX’s, the Primos have set screws)

After getting them I discovered mine are the Primos. Now I think set screws didn’t give me a good grip to moveability ratio in comparison to my DX’s or JC’s, after puting in longer screws to get enough grip.

Im sure theya re standard. Just as grippy as Mg-1s or Tiogas. Ive wrecked quite a few times cause I couldnt pull my foot off the pedal. =p

I’ve looked at the wah-wahs. They are really beautiful, but only maybe 5 millimeters bigger than my (I think very average sized) plastic Animals. I would really love it if someone could measure a Drillium or any other pedals suggested.

I’ve discovered that looks can be deceiving.


you need a stiffer shoe or a stronger foot or both i had this problem too but i started doing heel lifts and then is when away

Could it be your shoes causing the pain? I do get that with my vanz with a flimsy sole, once I switched to a good solid sole, like my Orchids, that pain went away. I use my vanz for trials, I’m not really a big dropper, so it’s fine, but if I do muni or distance xc in them it really hurts.

I have never really had any full-on pain. I’m just trying to avoid any overuse-type injuries. I’m using 5.10 Rennie’s (basically the Impact).

By far, and mainly, I don’t like the feel of having the outer edge of my foot hanging off the outer edge of the pedals, which is almost always the case. I know I could perform better if this were not the case.

BTW–as per your signature–Mitch Hedberg was really great.

Well, if you want the best of the best, the lightest, the thinest, and widest, you gonna want the rubens.

alittle bit cheaper, but still very good product,

And still again, good, but cheaper

There ya go,

I second that. I have a pair and it sounds like what you’re looking for.

Reviews of the jackshits indicate bearing problems.

The nice thing about shay cams sites is that real size comes up, showing the Ruben (in orange!!) an inch bigger than the Demolitions (in Cyan Blue and Purple!!) at 32.99, which are a fraction bigger than the Premiums (in Red). The Demolitions are priced right, nice shape, hopefully the cut outs for weight reduction aren’t too extensive.

I’ve been looking for pedals that are wider along the axle for my UW, where fatigue sets in and feet slip off dangerously.


Dangit, just wrote a good review of Jackshits but hit ‘back’ instead of clicking off the options.

Anyways. Ive had the same pair of Konas since I got my first uni (Sun Classic), went onto my Torker DX which went through a lot of abuse, and a weekend of Moab sand. Then onto my KH, and now off to Phil when he needed to use them.

As good as the day I bought them. =p

Don’t thank me, thank the most well known site in bmx.
You can also try albes.com too.

the Unigoat–from Speedgoat, may help our cause

errr…also my cause to hook up my feet…

Speedgoat.com is a great shop in that it’s a real bikeshop with real employees who ride, and also a great online shop. You can actually talk to people there that ride–on the phone. They have a nice selection of pedals, and hopefully Unigoat can do some measurements.

The most promising candidates from that shop look like the Drive’s, the Atomlab Aircorps, the Wellgo MG-1, (and maybe the straitlines–although I’m least hopeful about those). I’m hoping for width and weight measurements.


Wellgo MG-1 (Ti) for $76 here


I’ve ordered a pair!