Wide 29" tire

I’ve got a 29" muni, and i love it!
But the problem is that the tire i have is only 2.1" wide. The widest available at the moment (as far as i know) is 2.3". Does anyone know if there is a wider tire available that will fit on my 29" KH rim?


2.35 is as big it gets for now…and that probobly wont be changing anytime soon.

Biggest I know of currently is the 2.35 Big Apple, which is not knobbly. I heard that one of the tyre companies was developing a 2.35 knobbly, but can’t remember who - I read about it on a bike / 29er news site somewhere I think.

If you’ve got a KH frame you should watch out for clearance though: older KH 29er frames apparently don’t have sufficient clearance for a 2.35 BA.

I rode with a BA for some time. I found it OK when I tried it offroad, but you probably wouldn’t want to ride it in muddy conditions due to it being fairly slick. On road it was quite a smooth fast ride, but took some getting used to - particularly in terms of controlling its reaction to road crown. Once I was used to it, I liked it. (side note: I now have a 36er, so I’ve put a Kenda Klaw XT Rear on the Nimbus 29er - same tyre as the KH29XC).

WTB make a 29 x 2.35" knobbly tyre. Its called the Exiwolf. Apparently its a pretty good tyre.

Cool! Thanks a lot guys!

I ride an Exiwolf and really like it. Panaracer has just come out with a new 29x2.35 tire called the Rampage (OK, dorky name). I haven’t tried it on account of being trapped on a ship for the last 2 months, but I intend to get one from my man Walt (www.waltworks.com) who has tried them and has a review on his website.

The Panaracer is the one I couldn’t remember the name of :slight_smile:

well, isnt that special.

A review of exiwolf here - http://www.singlespeed.nl/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=35_24&products_id=36&osCsid=29402fe6eb658ebed012bddc3bbcc2ab

According to a 29er bike person I know, thanks to the inexact science of tyre sizes, it’s not actually wider than the kenda klaw 2.1". Is that true?


I just got the Exiwolf 2.3 and yesterday I put it onto my KH29. Today I rode it a couple miles for the first time and I like it. It’s not much wider than the stock Kenda Klaw, but has a bit more volume which made curb hopping seem easier.

Since the BA2.35 rubbed the frame, I was afraid the Exiwolf wouldn’t clear the frame, but it does with a bit of room to spare.

The exiwolf is wider that the kenda, I found a really good tyre website that tells you all the numbers you’ll ever need:

The panaracer rampage seems like a good one, but I cant seem to get hold of it. Not many stores have it, and those who do doesn’t have it in stock…

Someone on a mtb forum said there is a 29" wtb tyre called weirwolf on the way, it is supposed to be 2.55" wide.

the weirwolf is already around for 26"

maybe its coming out for 29ers too…here is a pic of a possible prototype.


Yes, i know, but they’re making a 29" version of it. Can’t wait until its finished…

cool! another reason for somone to buy my 29er…there are couple more pix of that 29er proto if you google for it.

29x2.55? That’s insanely huge :slight_smile:

I wonder if it’ll fit any production frames … at all, really. Maybe using a Coker-sized frame?