Wichta, May 21st

Anyone in/near the kansas area, I will hosting a get-together of unicyclers in the kansas area. If the turn-out is good enough, it is possible that it will be dubbed the first kansas unicycling club meeting and we can take off from that. This is still under question though pending interest from those who attend.

As of right now, I think I have 8-10 unicyclers that will be showing up, with some others in question.

e-mail me at kborn@ksu.edu if you are interested!

Im in southern Oklahoma…when will it be?

hah, can’t believe I left that out :- )

I believe it will be May 21st

hah again!

I just realized… I didn’t leave it out… its in the darn title :- )

Perhaps juggle508 is inquiring as to what time the event is scheduled to be held and the estimated or planned duration…

8 - 10 Riders is a nice start. Good luck with getting things started…

David Stone, the President of the NYUC, may be able to offer you some tips. I believe it is largely due to his tireless efforts at organizing, managing, and promoting the club (and doing such an amazing job at it) that our club has grown to over 200 members.

right, the problem with being too serious about it is that I have to bounce around too much. I am in Manhattan during the schoolyear, and Wichita during the summer, and I doubt a “moving club” would work too well. I think Wichita would be a better location, but being realistic, I dont’ think that is long enough to truly get a functioning club going without more unicyclers from Wichita, since I would not be able to run things from manhattan. I could do it in manhattan as a spin-off of the juggling club there (where I taught 5-6 riders), but manhattan probably isn’t the best location for a “kansas” club.

The time is undecided, and it will be fairly informal.

It will probably consist of getting together around 10’ish, and i’ll have some trials stuff set up that people can goof on while waiting for everyone to show up. There will be a basketball goal there as well for some uni basketball if the interest is there. At some point, we could probly take a road trip to a muni location, and maybe do some inner city unicycling toward a place to eat for lunch. I’m not sure, i’m still trying to roll around in the numbers and make sure we’ll have a decent sized group

May 21st is a go!

For anyone who hasn’t seen this or wanted more info, wichita, may 21st is a go!

if you want more details, just e-mail me at kborn@ksu.edu