Wich Trials Rim?

Hey, i don´t post that often but since the last conversation about this was pretty old i decided to get some help from here.

I need a new rim, i started bending my KH 2008 rim, so i bought the 2007 rim instead cuz’ i’d thought it would be stronger without the drilled holes. But i realized that the rim was not as wide as my old one, only 396 mm which made my monty tire go on and off very easily.

Now Both KH and Koxx has released new rims, both 47 mm wide to reduce the tire “flopping”. So the question is, wich one is the strongest and best suited for trials? The KH is lighter, and has the spoke holes mixed up on both sides of the rim. But is it still stronger than the koxx rim? And wich rim is best to reduce the “Flopping”?

As it is now, i would go with the Koxx, but has anyone tried them?

I would really enjoy help and sorry for my bad english.

/ Martin

The KH 09 rim is one of the strongest rims i’ve ever had.

k1 street rim is super strong.

Between the new KH and the drilled K-1, the KH is stronger for sure. I would say, go with the KH, but if you have problemes with you 07 KH rim I dont think it will change with the new one because they are made exactly the same way exept the new ones have offset spokes and smaller holes.

But how can the KH be stronger when it’s like 100 grams lighter? And what about the construction with the spokes going different ways? As i know koxx used that construction to their street(light) unis while the Trialunis got the sokes in a straight line, and by the wa, it is the new koxx rim i’m speaking about: http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=650

Rims with offset spokeholes are better. It is easier to get a good tension to the spokes because the nipples and spokes are in line. With smaller diameter of the rim it is even more important to have direction in the spokeholes because the angle between spokes an vertical gets higher.

When spokes and nipples are not in line spokes will break more often below the nipples because of the bend.

So the general consensus is that the KH rim 08/09 is stronger then the K1-Street rim?

+1 go with the try all and if you want it light get the try all cheeshole

So the difference between the one emile posted and this one: http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=650

should be that the cheeseholed one is stronger?


the street rim from K1 is/was? the undrilled one. you drill holes in something it creates a weaker something… i’m sure the offset spokes are a good thing, but won’t make up for those holes…

all that aside, you’ll probably be fine with the KH rim.

That looks like the rim for me!
The question is is it to strong?
Thanks for answering that Emile. Didn’t even know that rim existed!

I use a KH 09 (with the smaller holes) so far I’ve had no tyre fold over, and it’s held up to a 5’9foot drop to flat. The wheel was build by myself and it was my 2nd wheel build.