why are koxx one unicycles so costly???

thy are good!

Last time I checked, their prices were quite proportionate to quality. Perhaps you would like to explain your conclusion that they are “costly”?

Next time, please post a more acceptable thread title.

conclusion??? I DONT HAVE ANY MONEY!
yes they look very sexy…i need to get a job so i can afford a nice unicycle

i got my koxx hub and cranks and shipped from the UK to australia for $250, the kh/onzas were more than that to buy them here in australia.

Because koxx provide rubish servise :wink:

koxx have nice and expensive unis, but i dont think the orange bud is worth the price.

So how many products have you bought from Koxx One?

Get back in your box.


[SIZE=2]What’s wrong with their service anyway?
Give money to unicycle.com and get a product. What’s wrong?!

ARG!!! Becuase you have to get them from a USA retailer. The Devils are actually cheaper than the KH uni.


I can’t uni in a box so I won’t get in a box mate :wink:

Edit: sending people bike hubs ain’t good :wink:

They are expensive because they use only the finest soft drink cans.

They cost what they do because that’s the price they reckon they can charge and make the most profit, same as any product.

If you don’t have any money then surely everything is costly?

OMG :stuck_out_tongue:


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