Why do we all unicycle? I do it for pleasure just relaxes me also it is so entertaining to think to yourself you can balance on one wheel. not two just one. I really dont know why i am asking this question i just thought of it and had to post it :wink: heh thanks


I do it because it is so practical. Sometimes I do it because it is fast and efficient but mostly because it’s so practical.

Re: Why…

Why do I unicycle?=20

  1. It was a “challenge”.
  2. Only the “few” can do it. OF COURSE, anybody can do it with enough =
    practice, but the fact still remains that only a super fraction of =
    society can ride a unicycle
  3. To grab a girls attention. :slight_smile: It REALLY works! :slight_smile: It’s the =
    ONLY time I can EVER get a girl to notice me.
  4. It’s the only way for to exercise. It gives me a reason to “get out =
    of the house”.

Why ask Why? For the challenge… :sunglasses:

Not everyone can do it. Big shot on block? Just wanted to.:slight_smile:

Why I started:

  • I watched New World Disorder

Why I continue to unicycle, and will continue to unicycle (in no particular order):

  • It’s a hell of a lot of fun
  • Training’s fun
  • For the challenge
  • It’s interesting
  • It’s exciting
  • It’s a great way of relieving stress
  • It’s relaxing
  • It’s just really, really great


Re. Why.

5 Reasons Why I Started unicycling.

1: I first saw the unicycle since I was 4 years old.
2: I first saw The Allison’s Juggling Family at a Shopping Centre in Burwood Westfield in Sydney NSW.
3: I’ve always wanted a unicycle since I was 6 years old and never had one until I’m 27 years old.
4: Why I love them; because I think they unreal, Realistic, Awesome, Totally Fun, Freedom, do 500,0000 Tricks on them,
Easy to carry and transporting is easy as pie.
5: I call my Unicycle, “The Love Bike”.

David. :slight_smile:

So do these guys! . Its a pretty cool tandem concept, at least they have the same rider to wheel ratio.

Back on topic: I ride to meet friends and influence people.

That’s an awsome name!

I name that, due to a song Andrew. The Love Bike. (The Unicycle Song) I wrote that in 1987 to aim at a musical I’ve written. So far I got at least a half a dozens of Circus Songs including 6 Unicycles Songs I’ve written between 1984 to present. There could be more, I’ve run out at the moment. Oh WAIT A MOMENT :astonished: There’s one; Unicycle Blues. I’ve better write that one out now.


It’s the most fun way to stay in shape.

I learnt so that I could understand what on earth you lot are all on about!! (not really, I learnt coz i saw some ppl at our juggling club and thought it looked like fun.

I do it because:

It is fun.

relaxing, challenge, good exercise, always new stuff to try.

i do it to show up the cocky skateboarders… i know i’ll never be as good as them on a skateboard, so i show them up by jumping down 9 stairs on one wheel when they can barely do it on 4.

later, kevin

Re: Why…

> Why do we all unicycle? I do it for pleasure just relaxes me also it
> is so entertaining to think to yourself you can balance on one wheel.
> not two just one. I really don’t know why i am asking this question i
> just thought of it and had to post it :wink: heh thanks

Knee rehab.

Also, Grendel has to kill something once in a while.

Reason nr 1:
The amazing feeling when you are practicing something and suddenly you can feel yourself do it in perfect balance. With unicycling you can really feel yourself improving.

After my relative retirement I needed a challange. My knees were no good for windsrfing any more. Then after a bit frightening selfeducation it become a passion rendering all the goodies mentioned by the Others, baring in mind my ‘young’ age.:wink:

I started many years ago because unicycling sort of naturally went with my Morris dancing, and a few ‘circus skills’ I did at the time. (I was a 3rd rate juggler and I did a bit of fire eating.)

Even then, the expression which ‘sold’ my first unicycle to me was the reference in the Pashley catalogue to ‘unicycle yomping’ on a UMX - an early reference to what we now call MUni.

Only a year ago, I realised I was putting on weight and not getting any fitter. I thought of bicycling, but I had nowhere convenient to store one. I then looked seriously at folding bicycles, but couldn’t find them inspiring. Then I remembered I had a unicycle which I only rode once or twice a year.

Searching the internet revealed to me the variety of unicycles available, and the variety of unicycling skills or disciplines. Before I knew it, I had bought a 26 inch MUni, followed by a new 20 for performing. Then by lucky accident, I bought a 24, then the Coker was inevitable, and then the 28 to complete the set. And I forgot to mention the 1959 vintage 20 I bought from a man in a pub.

And why do I do it now? Because it’s good fun, it’s good for the body and it’s good for the brain. And there are routes I ride regularly which would be short and boring on a bicycle, and long and boring to walk, but they are just the right length, and challenging, on a unicycle. A unicycle gives you the chance to make the most of what the terrain offers. Even a rutted track offers different challenges depending on which direction and which side of the track you choose to ride.

And it’s fun.

I enjoy unicycling for many reasons. I like getting out in the woods on my MUni. I like the excitement of a good technical downhill run, and difficult hill climbs. I like that its unique, and most people don’t see it everyday.

Despite all that, the real reason I’m passionate about unicycling is the process of learning a new skill. The moment when something I’ve been working on clicks for the first time is what I live for. I just had that experience earlier today nailing a sidehop I’ve been working on for months, and I’m still feeling happy about it. Unicycling provides endless opportunities to discover new things you can do.




I know the exact reason why we unicycle. You would think it would be more obvious?

It is evolution! Think about it. Human beings started are apes; with slouched/arced backs. Then they became upright human beings. It is the same with unicycling. Before the uni was the bike. When you are riding a bike you are slouched, this causes back acks. Then we evolved, the uni was bore, and no more back achs. We ride upright now, no like the mtb-ers.


Remember that great feeling you had as a kid when you first rode your bike across a parking lot? Me neither.

I started unicycling to get that feeling of mastering (or managing) something new and tricky. I keep doing it because it’s fun, and there’s still lots of new stuff to try.


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WOW, thats an awsome picture. That’s exactly what i’m talking about. Do you mind if I put it into my gallery?