Why you should wear a helmet in muni.

There is abit of disscusion here about whether its worth it or not to wear a helmet. Well I discovered earlyer today just why a helmet is essential for muni, heres the story:
I was ridding in local woods on a realitvly easy trail, suddenly I feel a sharp bump on my head and I bail. I then get up and look behind me and see my fallen muni and a meddium size tree branch (wasen’t that thick, just long). And sure enough as I look up to see a splintered stub on the side of a tree. I’m guessing the branch broke off in a gust of wind and fell onto my head. Makes me think how it would of hurt alot more if I hadden’t been wearing my helmet.
So the morel of the story is: Wear a helmet for muni! It has many uses! :sunglasses:

Good call: I’m also gonna start wearing a helmet when walking around town. You never know when you’ll get hit by a falling brick, pot or dead bird. On second thoughts: I’ll just stay at home to be more safe…

Sorry. It’s good to wear a helmet.

you do have a point there. Maby I should just stay at home on windy days

Just an Ironic Story

When the 2nd Intifada (Palestinian Uprising) started in Israel seven years ago the landlady of my upstairs neighbor left for Switzerland. She said that she wanted to be someplace peaceful and safe. Pretty ironic but a store sign fell on her as she was walking down the street in Switzerland and killed her outright!

It reminds me of that Greek legend about the guy who the Oracle told was going to die by a house falling on him. Well the guy lived out in the fields to escape his fate and was killed by an eagle dropping a turtle on his head!


off topic but highlight the danger of falling branches:
one time at school we(me class of 32) were sitting on this bench for PE and the teacher to us to get up and warm up about 30 seconds later a “giant branch” fell from the above tree and landed lengthwise along the bench
falling boughs= bads

the branches diameter was about that of a standard bic pen

:end threadjack:

anybody get hit?

oh dear, what happened after that leagaly?

luckily no

  1. It will look weird if you were walking around town with a full face helmet.
  2. Where’s the fun in that. :wink:
  3. So very true.

Whearing a helmet for muni is a really good idea. Even if you don’t get hit by a branch, I’ve landed on my head very hard several times. I’m glad I was wearing a helmet those times…

I bought a nice looking helmet, that looks cool, so I’m not ashamed to wear it.

yeah, helmets are nice :sunglasses: