Why won't you LOOK AT ME!?

I ride in a semi-busy park. I have noticed there seem to be an awful lot of people who REFUSE to look at me. I am not hungry for attention and really don’t care, but… Some people will not look at me, even if I am crossing their path. They seem to look all around me… like at the ground in front or behind me… or the sky above. Are they afraid to look at what they will never accomplish, or even attempt? What’s the mentality? It’s kind of funny. I can almost understand this from an adult… but KIDS are ignoring me too! Have their parents taught them not to “stare” at freaks or something?

Strange(er) freaks, yes.

You might be more approachable in a group or try just sitting down somewhere and chatting up some adults, then the kids will come over, next thing you know it’s a party.

Bring extra unis so folks can try them :slight_smile:

Just cuz your a uni riding freak does not mean you are friendly, so don’t assume that people will strike up a conversation, you may need to be the one to start things off.

Although I am not opposes to free “peeks” like some (you know who you are), I am really not looking to strike up any conversations. I have got my earphones on and am in my own world anyway.

HA HA, I think we all know who that is : )

Uno, if you have your earphones in and look like you don’t want to be approached (which you said you didn’t), I think it’s understandable that they’re not approaching you.

This is pretty much what I was going to say, but also do you live in one of those city places where people are scared to death of eye contact? I’ve been to these places and they are truly scary, if you do, I hope you don’t lose your humanity too!

This happened on my campus. For the first few weeks I commuted on my 36er people gawked but now everyone is just used to it so they pay no attention to me now.

forget “approached” - i am talking about being “seen”

Among whatever other things, these people are communicating that they don’t want to be approached, or have a conversation struck up with them. Some people go to the park for ‘alone time’ or whatever you want to call it.

My favorite example of this was when we went to Beijing for Unicon X. When we all went downtown for our “demonstration” in Tiananmen Square, they reserved a whole subway train for our (very large!) group. They had us line up the full length of the station, to be evenly spread out, then wait a couple of trains until the empty one pulled in. Then we all got aboard; a train full of unicyclists!

For the first few stops after that, it was pretty comical. The train would pull in, the doors would open, and people would start to step in, then notice the car was full of brightly-dressed foreigners with unicycles. Most stepped back and waited for the next train (plus it was fairly full in there).

But as we got closer to the center of the city, we got more “urbanized” people getting on. Doors open, people dressed in business clothes would walk in, quickly notice the oddness in the train, then look down and mind their own business as if nothing different was going on.

I’ve seen the same thing in the subways in New York. If you want to talk to people, make eye contact. If you don’t, it’s fairly easy to communicate this as well. Ahh, peace and quiet! :slight_smile:

(Photo: Would you get on the train with this motley crew?)

In my experience, they’ve seen all they want to see. They know you’re there.

I’ve seen the same phenomenon occasionally at my local trails.
The proof that there’s something wrong with these people is that every small child always says “Look! A unicycle” (or some cute derivative of that), or at the very least stares in amazement/confusion.
It’s sad that some adults lose… whatever that ability/trait is. :frowning:

lol. I live in San Antonio. There are parts of town where you should completely mind your business, but this park is nice and “gang free”.

Does this happen even when you are on your unicycle? How many years have people been looking away? Are you some kind of freak or something? If so, which kind?

I’ve found out that people looking away from me are only really trying to avoid looking at me while I’m looking at them. ; )

whenever I’m riding with a friend on a b*ke, they tell me afterwords how creepy it is that everybody was staring the whole time we were riding. : P I never notice, I don’t care about attention either way.

I admit that I like the attention. Most people don’t avoid eye contact when I’m on a unicycle. Sometimes my husband will walk with the dogs somewhere behind me. He will tell me later when people say, “Did you see that? A unicycle?” Whether they looked at me or not, they noticed.

When I ride my unicycle in traffic I seem to get respect. This morning I rode my bicycle and felt the usual “dislike” for bicycles being in the way. It was an odd feeling since I don’t bicycle as often.

i knew “Sir Peeks-a-Not” would have something to say about this… I do like to get freaky… Does that make me freak?

I felt obligated. It isn’t necessary to bait me though, my wise ass comments come free with membership. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have called yourself a freak I was merely inquiring about the details.

If you want everyone to notice you, then you need to up your game. A set of clubs might help. Or if you ride haphazardly while screaming and yelling… or pretend like you’re going to crash into them, that might get their attention.