why unicycle?

So the other day someone asked me “Why do you like to unicycle so much?” I still havent answered so what should i say?

One wheel is better. aaaand it is fun.

i don’t know exactly WHY i unicycle. I guess it’s because it is the only sport i’ve ever found that really gives me that rush that none others can give. Maybe it’s because it sets me apart from all the other conformists that inhabit this world. Maybe it’s just because i can. I’ve never really found that out myself either. I guess i originally started doing the extreme element of it to pick up chicks, but that didn’t really work as well as i originally planned.

It’s fun!
It’s meditative! Preoccupied + Unicycling just doesn’t work for me.
It’s good exercise! More fun than a heart attack!

Its fun, and a fun workout and unlike riding a bike a Uni can continue to challenge your abilities plus I can do it and you cant

There are constant challanges and always somthing else to learn. It’s also very versatile - MUni, hockey, distance and so on.

It’s the closest thing to flying that I have ever experienced.

It gives me something to think about and something to look forward to at the end of the day.

It’s the most warming thing that I have ever done.

For me it is extremely difficult, so the buzz of accomplishing something new or learning a new trick is fantastic.

Also it’s just a bit different. Not everybody does it and I feel I have something in common with everyone else who does.


cuz its one of the funnest things to do. and when you start learning freestyle tricks and stuff, it gets twice as fun. for real.

because it is written in my dna and it is in my nature to do so.

Pleb: “Why do you unicycle?”
Unicyclist: “Why do you want to know?”
Pleb: “I’m just interested.”
Unicyclist: “So why are you just interested?”
Pleb: “Er… um… er… well…”
Unicyclist: “Well, that’s why I unicycle.”
Pleb “?”

Or remember when the lady asked the jazz musician:
lady: “What exactly does “swing” mean?”
Jazz musician: “Lady, you gotta ask, then you don’t got it.”

(This exchange in various forms is attributed to several of the great jazz musicians.)

Why do any sport or hobby? Because it interests you. Because you enjoy it.

Why unicycling? Because you were lucky enough for the idea and the opportunity to cross your path at the right time in your life.

Or, if you want to be less philosophical, just tell them what you do, and speak with passion about the achievement, the exploration, the satisfaction…

“Why DON’T you unicycle?”

It’s something that unless one can unicycle or fly for them self, they wouldn’t understand.


It’s not easy to explain. It’s a virus somehow that once it’s tried u can’t stop.
It’s GOD’s gift to us unexercised people.:smiley:

So that when people trip I can laugh that much harder.

It’s fun, unique, and difficult. Way more fun than walking everywhere.

that’s nice, I’m putting it as my title.

So I stay in shape, while having fun, and don’t get fat like you.

I’ve been asking myself this for a long time. I had a burning passion to learn when I was 6 years old. No idea why, at that age. I suppose I should ask my kid. I remember that it was something I was simply driven to do. My little brother learned, but never rode often. I pretty much rode by myself for those eyars as a kid and didn’t have a clue about tricks. I could go down stairs, freemount and ride backwards. When I was a teenager and my bro had a dirt bike, I’d try to take my uni over jumps we built out of scrap wood on the gravel road (Wow, that was way back in 1979!).

I didn’t ride much at all from when I was 15-38. Why NOT? Maybe I was tired of riding solo and I didn’t know what else I could do with it. Once in there I bought a 24" to get to work on, but it was stolen within a week. Regretfully now I think of the 23 lost years. Glad I straightened that out finally!

I was cleaning out my basement while procrastinating writing on my dissertation, and ran across my old beat up schwinn and online, I found a place to donate it (MUC).Tommy Thompson introduced me to the forum and that was it! I was back into it again. I think Dudewith a sock said the forum got him into it, too . So thanks everyone and Tommy T. and Gilby, too! I just counted and I have been buying unicycles at a rate of more than 1 per month since I got back into it STOP!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Just terrible. I think I have my fill of unis and will now have money for food and heating oil for the rest of the winter.

Long answer to a short questions. I unicycle because a bunch of witty, skilled, and creative people are out there stretching the limits of what can be done on a uni and I’m happy be a part of it!

It makes people stop in their tracks and stare at you in interest.

  1. Its fun
  2. Its good for your condition
  3. Its good for your balance
  4. Its fun oh wait I alraedy said that
  5. Its challeging

It’s just fun. It gives that rush of soaring 2-3 feet above the ground with nothing in front of you, no handlebars, no extra wheel, no nothing, just you practically flying.

It’s also difficult, which makes every little accomplishment that much more enjoyable and that much more satisfactory.

It’s unique. It’s something most people just sort of shrug off as “something for the professionals”. When someone asks what I do for a hobby, or what I do to exercise, and I tell them I unicycle, they stare blankly, or just don’t believe me.

I love it.

When asked by a Dutch cyclist:
“Why unicycle ? Two wheels would be quicker !”
My reply was along the lines of:
“Why cycle ? A motorcycle would be quicker, and a car safer !”