why soo long but then so short?

It has taken me since around november until about 2 weeks ago to learn to crank grab (seat in) mainly because of lack of ride time due to massive work load + loads of rain :angry: . Today i managed a crank grab seat out with in 5-6 atempts has anyone esle had this?

i always do it seat out because i can go to rubber on anything that i would be able to crank grab seat in. for me it was just getting the guts to try it seat out. but once i really tried i got it no problem. the only time i have missed since the first time i did it was yesterday at motorama when crank grabbing on a concrete traffic barrier that was 3 feet high and about 4 inches wide. it resulted in a spectacular fall.

I only crank/pedal grab with seat out because it gives me more of a balance point.


MAybe I should try saddle out.

I have tried it before, but with the Carbon Fibre saddle, it hurts my fingers.

Saddle in seems to work fine for me. Saddle out might just give me that couple more inches though! :stuck_out_tongue:


i find seat in alot easier when it comes to going to rubber (which i usually fail miserably at) but i can definatly get alot higher with the seat out,
as for the seat , cant you just get yourself some gloves?

I can seat in grab higher but i feel more in control seat out

I have gloves! :frowning:

I have some 661 fingered ‘comp’ gloves… Maybe I should put some padding on them…


go down to your local hardware store and buy 6" or so of clear plastic tubing. cut it lengthwise, then duct tape it to the lip of the seat base where you normally grab your seat. merde! it is sooooo much more comfortable on the fingers…

lol what is with u and 661 stuff? just use ordinary bike gloves im sure they do the trick because i have a carbon fibre bace and i dont cut myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah that’s what Ryan told me to do. I was thinking about it but I’m gonna use slices of old b*ke gel seat. Or maybe I’ll try yours. What diameter pipe do you use?

I crank grab seat out and go to rubber seat out. I can do it easily, even on a 24’’. Try it. It’s easier to pull the uni up but you’ll have to get used to the balance.

i measure it at 5/8". the tubing itself is 1/16". it’s probably sold in 1 foot increments, so get a foot and you’ll have a spare. i remember it as bein’ cheap.