Why So Much?!

I have called around to get my unicycle powdercoated and the cheapest i have found is $100.00! And thats with me sandblasting it myself.
One place i emailed And they said $250.00
I just called another place and they said $200.00
Why does it cost so much to get this done! :angry:

I don’t understand powdercoating.

Yeah it’d be nice to have a cool color, but your unicycle isn’t going to get any better. Until your blue powdercoat gets really ugly, I’d wait to powdercoat. Even then I’d strip the frame.

But if its affordable to have a nice color why not?

I don’t know exactly how powdercoating works, but I expect it takes at least a couple of hours to set up and do the complete process on a unicycle frame (including bearing holders). That will be billed as “custom work” unless that’s all the place does, which would probably mean it costs even more. If you had hundreds of frames to powdercoat, the per-unit cost would be way less.

At least that’s the way it used to work with chrome plating, which I’ve had done to some of my unicycles/parts. It was always cheaper to join up with a group of people and put in more parts to make the per-part cost a lot lower. Chrome parts on my Schwinn Giraffe that didn’t come that way: Seat post, bottom sprocket, axle bolts & washers, bottom bracket bearing cups and nut, crankset.

powdercoating for thaty expensive? do you want it some crazy color or something? I would bring the piece in personally and talk to the powdercoater. You might get a better price…

 Powdercoating is a relatively simple process; spray on powder, bake. However the preparation to do this (sandblasting, degreasing, cleaning) takes great care.

 The powdercoater I go to does not rip me off if I just ask for something simple in black. Most powdercoaters shoot black on many pieces and since the equipment is usually ready to use a black powdercoat is usually more inexpensive.

All i ask is for plain white!!
I can sand blast it myself. My class im school has a professional Snap-On Sandblast box so thats one less step they have to do.
BLakeofDoom you do have a good point. if i brought it in they would probably give me a lower price.

I got my unicycle powder coated and sand blasted for $60, and it wasn’t just the frame, it was the hub, cranks, rim and frame.

I’m just gonna assume it’s because PCing is usually done on much larger things like car body parts and that’s what they make profit from. I don’t think they’d make much profit from using a small amount of paint and using a lot of time so they charge more.

That being said, the cheapest I’ve found is $60 for a frame. You could always try and do it yourself as well.

Ill go talk the guy that said he will do it for 100 down abit once he sees how small it is he will proably go down abit.

It’s always more expensive if they have to make a totally new batch of color for your one little job, but it’s always much cheaper if you can settle on a color that they have left over from a previous job. They can usually powder blast off the old paint, which is less harsh than sand blasting, and that also should be nominal charge. you may also try calling around to get the best deal. try doing a little research also before you call, so you won’t sound like you don’t know anything about the process; they will sometimes take advantage of ignorance of the specifics of the proicedures to charge more. (woman and cars anybody? :o)

I got mine done for free… My mom just got it in with a $2000 paint job for a metal gazebo and pergolas that I designed for the new park in town.

Maybe ask them if you can get it thrown in with a larger batch of another customer.

as people have said bring it in and talk face to face i did it and i got some bike handle bars pced for 10 once

My metal shop has a sand blasting machine and a powder coating machine w/ oven so I PC’d my own frame, free of charge. I did a high-gloss black and it turned out beautiful. Very even and smooth, and none of it has chipped yet. I know that information doesn’t help you, but you should check with local high schools. If they have a metal shop or machine shop they might have the machines you need. If they are like my shop class, they would do it for very cheap or even for free.

Check at your local community college. There are normally auto-body repair classes that have to do painting or powdercoating, and they might do it for free, just for the experience.

I paid 50 US and tought it was too much for a rim, clamp and frame!

God bless the Brazilian PowderCoating Companies :smiley:

LUCKY :roll_eyes:

Also im goiing to order a single bolt seat post clamp. But the bike shop has the units different. they have sizes 1" 1 1/8" 1 1/4"
But if i convert them the 1 and a quarter one comes out to 31.8 is that the one i need?


Will powder coat my frame for $50!
Taking it there this weekend! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It’s pretty cool that you can go to there page and click on “what can be powdercoated” and on the list it has unicycle frames. I wonder if they had that before you came to them, or if they put it on because you requested it.

It was on there before I called that’s what made me call so fast. The guy knew what he was talking bout. He told me every thing he was going to tape off like the bearing holders and the seat post tube.

The power coating is sprayed on as a dry powder, it comes in bags or cans. Once sprayed it is heated in an oven until the powder melts, forming a thin layer of durable colored coating. Because it melts onto the base metal, it sticks better than spray on paint, though you can achive a reasonable durability with auto paint that is baked on; powder coat is still more durable.

Call around to find folks who do powder coating, focus on industrial painters as they have to do powder coats for certain types of equipment. The cheapest colors are single base colors, metallics are more expensive, as are multicolor “candapples” or clear coats over a base color. I find that the cheapest colors are the ones they already have in stock, esp “safety yellow”.

I have found prices can vary greatly, but a reasonable price for normal colors is $40-50 for a frame, add $10-20 more for a custom color.