Why should I get new cranks?

I just bought a koxx spirit, the cranks are ISIS. I don’t know how high a quality they are, so I want to know:

Is there an advantage to replacing these cranks with something better before they bend?

None that I can think of, other than having new ones ready if/when they do. No waiting!

It mostly depends how much you weigh

Lighter cranks are better, until you break them. Likely won’t happen with ISIS cranks, unless you do lots of big drops, and or are a heavy person.
Assuming you are < 250 pounds and not crazy air, why not give them a go since you own them already? No harm in trying them.

You didn’t say which model you have. I am well over 200 pounds and I have TruVativ blaze crankset without any problem. But I would say, I do not do that many jumps, as I am not very good at them. But I do always mount on my unicycle with kick up, so I guess they would break so far if they were weak.

Well I guess you could look at it two ways:
1: Ride them till you break them, If you don’t break them you saved yourself the money!
2: Buy new (stronger) ones and sell your old ones, hopefully making back some of the money… but what if your original ones never broke?!

(or maybe a third option, buy new ones and keep the originals as spare parts in case you break the replacement ones, ah! :astonished: )

I’d go with #1, my 2c anyway.

the cranks that came with the spirit should be just fine. If you are worried about them breaking or bending you can get the KH moments. Plenty strong cranks, i use them as a hammer sometimes :wink:

A phrase comes to mind that would’ve saved me LOTS of headaches had I learned it earlier.

Repeat after me: “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!

Seems to me it’s best to use the shortest cranks you like to ride with. So if your not sure that your current cranks are right, it’s good to experiment with shorter cranks.

Tubular Chromoly 135mm street… mmmmm

I’ll be curious to hear how you got the street cranks off if you end up changing them. I was going to try some other cranks as an experiment but can’t manage to thread on my crank puller.

You can’t install moments on many koxxs, including the green spirit. So says their website.

And to the guy who said “Shorter you are comfortable with the better,” I know your opinion, but have no idea WHY that is your opinion. However, I do like the feel of short cranks, which is why my nimbus blizzard (main uni at the moment) has 110/125 moments, and I keep it on 110 99% of the time. I just like the feel of short cranks. Lots of Trialsers say that longer cranks are better. I wonder why they say this. If longer cranks made for better balance, it is odd that freestyle cranks never exceed 100cm.

These cranks are 135. I’m just going to try to get used to them, because I’m 5’9" 150 pounds and I’m not interested in jumping off of things much higher than I can jump ON, which is about 40cm MAX at this point, and since they probably won’t break, it will be cool to have 110, 125, 135 and 140 (my 24" has a 140) options!

Glad nobody has offered any convincing arguments for changing cranks. I’m really not interested in spending right now.

The green spirit comes with a K1 light hub correct?
I have a K1 light hub on my current 20inch setup and ive yet to have a problem with it. Ive also put that thing through hell and back, on the old K1 hubs it was a bad idea to put KH cranks on them because the ISIS was different but now they got the problem fixed.

And honestly i doubt you will break the K1 cranks, they are pretty strong to start with

I found out in this thread that those cranks come with “self-extractors” that are supposed to make it possible to remove them without a crank puller. A nice side effect of this is that the threads are backwards, so you can’t use a crank puller…

On the subject of breakages, I actually manages to crack thry my crankshat two weeks back, In all my years I have never seen a crank shat fail, and neither has the bike shop that is going to rebuild the wheel.

Unis do work the pedals and shaft a lot harder than most biking will do.

Great information! Looks like my new uni came without these so I’ll cross my fingers and hope the cranks last a good long while.

Sure, look at the physics. Bike wheels hit as if on a lever, so the weight takes a while to settle. Uni wheels land, crank to axle, suddenly, all the weight at once. KH cranks would be stupid heavy on a bike.