Why Ride? New edit

Okay guys, i know the last video wasnt very well accepted because i used a lot of words from the another perspective video, but i have changed all the words and taken your advice on some things, here is the new version, tell me what you think :D. thanks.

youtube version low quality: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=errpG0JnpyQ

vimeo high quality: http://www.vimeo.com/786969


Better, but it still doesn’t have the same feel as the other vid. Plus that song has already been used in a unicycling vid, but you probably didn’t know that so whatever.

Groovy, much improved over the last, Some of the text still seemed derivative, but you definitely brought your own spin and personality to the project. Also, I don’t know if you did this on purpose, but I found it a wee bit funny how you said, “there’s more to unicycling then riding around in circles” when you’d just showed yourself riding around in circles!
Good Stuff.

haha thanks yeah i was trying to make unicycling look boring and not extreme at the beginning of it by riding around in circles, thought i would put a bit of irony in there lol. And no i didnt know that the song has already been used, thanks for telling me though :D.

:smiley: Really good IMO

The only way I think it could be made better is w/ footage of some really good riders (no offence). Who cares if it’s been in other vids. The target audience is non-riders.

i liked it, really nice video. unicycling is indeed amazing.
i have been looking to get back into the uni’ing, as ive pretty much reached the point where i can’t improve without going through some pain.
However, how much can you ever know about yourself if you get through life without getting a few scars?
if its going to hurt, make sure you get footage. that way you never lose? no?

welcome to the wonderful world of unicycling.

Nice man. Good video. should have been more street riding:p

Thanks for all the positive comments guys. Yeah the vid would be better with better riders in it. And yeah i would have done more flatland etc if i was any good at it :smiley: but im not :(. Anyway thanks for the positive comments

I thought it was actualy pretty good. I thought how it was put together and the way you put the words with the clips worked realy well.

It would be nice if instead of having to read the text it was read, that would also alow it to either be shorter or there to be more riding.

If you dont sound like an absalute twat when you read stuff out (I know I do) I think you should definatly make it again with a voice over. If you are struggling for more footage Im sure some of us can help :smiley:

I think it’s great just the way it is. With having to read the text you must put your own voice to the voice over, which gives it a more personalized feel for yourself.
Overall I thought the video had quite an artistic approach and left me feeling quite inspired to ride. Great job! :slight_smile: