Why Ride? an attempt to inspire

This is my new video, its called ‘why ride?’, it basically talks about why we unicyclists do what we do, i hope this will inspire people to ride more often etc. I hope you all enoy the video, i know the riding isnt the best but it is the meaning of the video that is important. Enjoy :D.

Vimeo high quality: http://www.vimeo.com/775329

Youtube lower quality: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=KHK43bNGA6g


One thing I was expecting though was after you showed the two bails of you trying to do the 60cm hop, and then the bit of commentary about not giving up or something, I thought it may have been good to have the clip of you achieving it directly after that… other than that it was very kool.

Just wondering, did you get the inspiration for this from the “another perspective” video?


Haha thanks, yeah i thought that aswell, there is a clip in there later on where i complete it though. Thanks a lot glad you liked it :smiley:

And yeah the ‘another perspective’ video gave me the idea, i decided to make one like it because i liked that video so much so credit to the guys who made that video aswell

You should post it as a video response for it (if the other one was on youtube, I can’t remember…)

no, he shouldn’t.

I think it would have been okay if you just used the other video as inspiration, but you copied what the guy said word for word.

It wasnt all word for word, and the only reason i did it is because what he said can be applied to our sport as much as theirs. Also i added in different words and another paragraph plus quotes etc.

But his applies to everything that we do. I think he even says that we all do the same thing.

We pretty much do the same thing as bmxers, and skaters, just on something different.

Yea that was a bit to scandalous. You bit that guys words. You gotta look at it like poetry, you cant just steal what other people write.

in the long run though a nice video. Not the most technical riding but it will still inspire others to ride. Some credit should be mentioned to the original writer of some of the parts. I sitll enjoyed it. Maybe someone could post a link to the original?

I like videos with a plot or some kind of aim.
I do not like when people copy just like that, without giving credit [in the “product”].

Your “reason” and the fact that you added/changed it slightly doesn’t justify this behavior. In my opinion.

Overall a nice video though. I’m sure you can do something as good with your own words.

I didn’t like it sorry.
Pretty much exactly what he said.
Another perspective inspired me more.

I enjoyed the BMX one more. Really though, some of that stuff seems a little out of context when applied to unicycling. Not too many people have been unicycling since they were a little child. Most people (non unicyclists) don’t see just riding around as simple as we might.

Also, a lot of it was way too verbatim of what the BMX guy said. Got to find your own voice.

yea…you just copied that whole video…that was stupid.

I like it. I like how a lot of the shots show you starting a trick/jump/whatever but not necessarily how it turns out … so much emphasis gets put on that finish that so most people have to shoot take after take after take to get right. But the inspiring thing is not necessarily that finish that happens once out of however many times. What is inspiring is that we try at all. And this video did a very good job of showing and saying that.

I didn’t know about the video that you drew upon for some of the text, but I think it was very well done. Could a credit of been included? Sure, that probably would have fended off some of the criticism. But the result is very well done.

Thank you for sharing.

I agree.
Stupid. and copied pretty much word for word.
jsut use the bike video to inspire you dude.

ok guys thanks for the comments i’ll put in the credit to the people who made the other video into the credits at the end of mine, and i think im gonna change the wording because you guys are right about using too much of his. I’ll touch it up, change the words etc then post the result in this thread later

I got busted for plagiarism twice in grade nine. Almost failed my english course.

Get out of the habit now before you screw up when your older. Nice editing and all that, but don’t take so much out of the BMX vid. A commentary would be nicer as well than reading white text on black background (I hate that).

Might be a bit harsh, but it’s for your own good.