Why Not?

What are some things that do not present themselves as impediments to your unicyling.

For me three things stand out as never having stood in the way of my being willing and able to unicycle:

  1. My inability to speak Norwegian
  2. My life long loathing of brussel sprouts
  3. The fact that I’ve never dated a supermodel

How about you?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

  1. The fact that I broke the C2 vertabrae in my neck
  2. The fact that I fall in love too easy
  3. The fact that I had a dream involving Greg Harper + Buster
  4. The fact that Steve Howard owes me a frame for smoking my entire pack of Marlboro Lights

ever considered that maybe U owe HIM a lung or two?
the man saved your life!