Why not unicycle just for fun?

there are so many threads that tell you to unicycle for Christ, Paganism, and tons of other religions/religious elements. why not just unicycle for the sake of a good time?

I do :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much. Isnt that a good idea.

i do that too, but i dedicate it to christ :slight_smile:

Isn’t that like saying “I’m on a diet, but I eat whatever I want when I wan’t, and don’t exercise?”

The point of this thread is to stop dragging religion, opinion, etc. into unicycling, and just unicycle.

I have no problem with religious debate or conversation, or any of that stuff, but let’s keep one out of the other.

Where’s that picture of the rabbit with pancakes on its head when you need it?

Im getting into unicycles just for the fun of it.
My unicycle comes this monday! Yeah im pumped

Yo - I believe it was “chirst”, and that was the other thread.

I unicycle because it is a moving meditation that reminds me, in a deep kinesthetic way, that life is a balancing act. I try to take that lesson with me wherever I go.

im glad somebody said it.
no need to bring religion into unicycling.
its a nice thought, but not really nessecary.

why not just unicycle for the sake of unicycling…when you land your first unispin…is it cuz god propelled the uni a little faster, made you jump a little higher or gave you the confidence…or will it be because you dedicated time and effort into the trick?

unicyling for anypurpose other than sport or fun is as unseful as this (thanks goes to “into the blue” for the reference)

bunny cakes.jpg

I dedicate all of my riding to baloney sandwhches… and the church of pepperoni pizza

Yeah, let Christ do his own damn unicycling. Doesn’t need any help from us. It’s rumoured that the guy can unicycle on water.


I unicycle for the fun of it
the exercise
the great feeling I get when I land a new trick.

Nothing else.

Because unicycle for fun is just too simple… that why we dont do that

I unicycle because I find it so difficult, because it takes all my concentration and because it’s the nearest thing to flying I’ve ever experienced.


Iv’e been unicycling for about 4 months, I don’t know why but i’s addictive and sooo much fun, fun… ouch …fun… opps…hobble… hobble… Fun… I think I might be addicted to the one wheeled beast… is there a rehab somewhere?:smiley:

For ‘gods’ sake why has that rabbit got pancakes on it’s head for???
oops sorry for ‘goodness’ sakes… sorry for the religions over tones…:slight_smile: sorry

i unicycle because its the best thing thats ever been invented by humans. i dedicate it to my self and anyone else who rides.

I unicycle for fun. No other reason - except the fitness benefits, the image… but yes, just for fun.

I also read and think for fun and personal improvement, and discuss philosophy and religion and related matters for fun and personal improvement.

The unicycling I discuss in RSU. the other I discuss in JC. Problem?

Are you an addict too?
What is about the prospect of really hurting yourself and then not, so mind bending engaging?