Why NOT to go off a drop off on a unicycle with out elbow pads...

srry bout the bad quality pic, camera was on wrong setting. but there was this nice 12-14 inch drop and it was going off concrete into dirt and i messed up :smiley: it looks worse today, and anti-septic BURNS… probally the first really good drop ive done… dosent help i was on a LX… but i should be gettin a kh 20 this summer. Well, i’ve learned my lesson and i’m glad nothin worse happened at least.

P.S. the dark spot is where dead skin is hanging.

ooooooooo…that hurt, but i done worse…i just come down and roll like freerunners do, except on my uni

I’ve done something like that…but about 4" of skin got scraped off lol

i know i know!!!
ride without them!!!
its more manly, haha!!

just kidding, but seriously, i freaking HATE pads. they annoy the crap out of me, especially helmets… they always hit me in the face on the stuff I want them for.

I got one of those on my chin last weekend of the semester… needed 11 stitches. Don’t ask me how it happened, for the life of me I still can’t figure out how I slipped off a 4 inch cement parking block and somehow landed on my chin so fast.

lol 12-14 inches did that?

bah don’t bother with elbow pads, i mean u can get hurt a little but its not like shins or head…

you should always try to not fall off:)

I just put it into photoshop and adjusted the levels, its not bad atall, just a little graze. you dont need elbow pads, be a man take the pain. I have done way worse than that, you just have to get up brush yourself off and carry on.

yeah… You must have really beefed it for such a big scrape.

You always regret not having a pad on the particular area you get hurt.

A 14" drop isn’t very high

If you think of it like that you are less likely to fall off, otherwise you’ll think of yourself as a goof for stuffing up something so simple

If I complained about a scrape like that while I was living with my Dad I would have gotten a swift whack to the head.

Be a man. Walk it off.

rub smoe dirt in it and call it a day

nasty, i’ve had similar, but i wasnt as lucky as you. my bicep was slightly sliced when it skidded across some sharp bark when i UPDd.

i never wear tanktops for muni anymore! haha