Why no trials slicks?

Lots of people shave them… How come nobody makes a bald trials tire yet? It would be a simple design :wink:

Not enough need for them. compare a small minority of 19in trials rider and then see how many shave and how many dont.

Koxx one used to sell shaved tryall tyres but not anymore because no one was buying them

Please notice that hardly anybody makes unicycle tires at all. 36" tires are pretty much all for unicycles these days, but I don’t know if there are currently any others. Schwinn used to have specific tires for its unicycles, including a Panaracer version (very similar to what Miyata was using) in the late 80s. Not sure what today’s Schwinns have on them, but they probably sell in very small numbers now, so probably not a uni-specific tire.

Are there any Trials tires made with unicycles in mind?

Qu-ax make their own 20" tire, don’t they?

And no John, I don’t think any trial tires are made specifically for unicycles, all for bikes!

Maxxis CreepyCrawler

Yes, there is, the Nimbus Blizzard. Link!

That would be the only Trials tire made for unicycles I think. And it’s just a copy of another trials tire on the market. Not that I’m trying to say that’s it’s bad, it’s just a cheap way to provide another white trial tire.

It was just not made especially for unicycle, as it’s just the copy of another mold, it wasn’t studied.

But to come back to the original post, they don’t exist because they wouldn’t sell. Slick trials tired (shaved) were way more popular 2 to 4 years ago than they are now. The question was asked a lot back then too, but it would only touch a very minimal portion of the market. Hence, they would have to make VERY small batches of those tires and sell them at a VERY high price. So they would probably not sell at all. Same thing would happen if they made them by big loads, they would stay around the same price as current trials tire, but not sell, hence the company would loose money.
Also you have to think that they have to make a new mold or what ever it is for a tire. Yes it’s a simple mold, but it’s probably still so much more money than you can think that’s put in the creation of a new tire.

the try all white tyre was specifically made for unicycles. they didn’t make them for trials bikes or they would of made a front tyre as well…

I don’t want to spend to much time looking around for a front 20" white tires as most of trial bikers hate them, they are pretty rare… but here’s a 26"


How do we know this was made for unicycling? I grant that the imprint on the side is the Nimbus brand, but my guess is that it’s applied to a pre-existing tire. Of course I could ask Roger if I really wanted to know…

And then there was a picture of one on a bike. Are we sure those were a unicycle-specific design?

I would never run a slick. it feels funny compared to a normal tire.

both rims are 19", usually on trial bikes the front tyre is 20"

A reply to a question asked on TartyBikes.co.uk as if the buyer could order a set of these.

source: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/19_inch_tyres/tryall_stiky_lite_white_19_inch/c519p11458.html

The “Nimbus Blizzard” has bike trial written on it haha…

Hence the post I made earlier in this thread.