why no neutral?

I’ve been reading old threads on geared hubs after having an gentleman’s disagreement with a friend. No doubt I’ve missed a lot, but his question still sort of nags at me.

Why can’t you have a neutral gear on, say, a coker or 29" wheel for long downhills? You would need a brake. You could coast down the hill with your feet on the pedals for stability and reengage the gears at some point. A coaster brake would be optimal for stability in some ways. Of course there would be some transitions to work out during reengagement.

Has anyone done this? Is is workable?

You have a death wish.:smiley:

Can you say “Scary as hell”?

Ive seen vids of guys manualing on abike going 60 mph. with a little practice, going 10-15 mph is not as a big deal as it may seem.

I’d be worried about overheating, or otherwise inconsistent braking due to changing temperatures. Maybe a disc brake would work better. I’d say hub brake, but I’m sure that would be an engineering challenge for another day…