why is this the way it is?

I have no idea what happened to my cranks I was ridding around an dhten when I got off to look at the air pressure I noticed the cranks were no longer on the same plane.

Your hub has twisted.

Have you been doing much hopping? If so, you have simply bend the metal of your cotterless hub …time for a upgrade.

yeah I have been hopping but I haven’t doen any drops. Are you serious so this thing is now junk :astonished:

This happend to mine. I rotated my tire 180 and switched the cranks and it’s almost straight now.

get a DX or one of those new KH’s

would the warrenty cover any of this? I bought it about two months ago

The axle is bent.That’s the same thing that happened to my first uni. I did it with 1 10 inch drop though.

how did you fix it?

Got a new uni.

I don’t think it’s really worth fixing. I’m not sure about the warranty either.

One thing I should add: With my learner I went out and hopped with the opposite foot position(i hope with left foot forward, that time I hopped a bunch with right foot forward). It actually bent it back to the correct position but in no time it was back to the way it was. Plus it will weaken the axle even more.

The uni is still rideable. You’ve rode it that entire time without noticing. Just do no more hops and in the mean time get a spined uni if you want to continue doing hops.

I thought this uni was supposed to be a good one. :frowning: but not a great on like a KH

Unfortunately that’s the way cotterless is.

If you wanna hop a lot, and keep your uni price down i’d just say go for a dx. Very good uni for its price. It will last very long, even though it’s a bit heavy. They also have the new 07 frames I believe, which is much much stronger.

Yot yet, but soon. Two months sounds like a very short amount of time for that amount of damage, but it all depends on what you’ve been doing to the poor unicycle. Also it could be a defect in the manufacture of that particular hub, but most likely it’s just an awful lot of hops. Your next axle should be splined.

That one may go at any time, or it may last quite a while in the position it’s in. Unless you keep hopping a lot. Then it’ll go quick.

I just noticed the cranks on my 45" big wheel look like that too. I’m using it in a show tomorrow. But that uni has a cottered axle, and I last assembled it with the cotter pins going in the same direction. That’s the only problem there. Next time I take the cranks off to beat them with a sledgehammer (old-school maintenance on an old-school uni) I’ll be sure to put them back on the right way!

same thing happened to my old torker, just take it for a couple more hard rides and you will snap that hub right in two.

It’s a realativley “good” unicycle, but it was never intended to do much hopping or dropping on. You need a splined hub for much of that.

Square taper hubs, no matter how strong, will bend sooner or later with trials type abuse. You can’t really “fix” it without putting a new hub on it.

You should check to see if its the hub or the cranks that are bent though…

that happened to my uni a few months ago. at first i thought it was the hub that was bent, but it turned out that the crank had actually chipped a bit of the corner off of the square tapper. It was bent about 25 degrees or so, and then after some more riding on it, the crank could move freely back and forth.

Re: why is this the way it is?

zachjowi <zachjowi@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

Just a word of advice: I replaced the hub spokes on a cheap unicycle
once, and a very short time later the rim failed, so I had to replace
the rim and spokes (again). A new wheelset (or new unicycle) is
probably the best choice for most riders.

when I actually noticed when these got bent was when I was doing a jump than my foot slipped and I fell. The cranks look bent in more then just one way.

you can measure your frame, and if it’s more than 2.5" wide you could slip a trials wheel in there.

measure from where? inside frame to inside frame?