why is this so cheap?

http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=652 Ok other than the fact that the saddle is horrible, why is this so much cheaper than other 28-29’’ wheeled unicycles? Would this hold up to constant road riding? (no jumps or anything whatsoever) thanks.

Unicrown (rounded) frame for ease-on-the-knees

Main-cap bearing housings with 40-mm sealed bearings

Cotterless hub with 150-mm (6-inch) crankset

36-spoke wheel with single-walled steel rim

Adult-sized contoured saddle

Pneumatic (air-filled) 700c x 45c (28 x 1.75) whitewall tire

Plastic 9/16-threaded pedals

that is why it is so cheap

thanks for that quick reply, but would this hold up to road riding? I only weigh 100 pounds but I’m growing and I wouldn’t be taking it on any jumps obviously and I have a replacement saddle since that one doesn’t look very comfortable.

If you’re just doing road riding this would hold out yeah, things you might want to change on it are the seatclamp, the saddle, the pedals and eventually the size of the cranks, if you look at the more expensive 29ers you notice they have gel saddles, a more expensive tire (though this will do), a stronger rim, a stronger/wider hub and a better wheelbuild, for beginner roadriding this is a good buy, I have a similar 29" here, I was just working on it. It uses a standard hub, cheap bicycle rim and a pretty good wheelbuild, you can do minor (corrective) hops on it without bending anything.

the seatclamp is welded on.

If you only weigh 100 pounds, that unicycle might outweigh you. The biggest difference between that and a good unicycle is the rim; steel rims suck (and are unserviceable).

I was actually thinking about buying this unicycle and replacing the saddle with a nimbus gel saddle and putting a knobby tire on it

If i were to buy this, what would be a good rim to replace it with?


the KH 29 rim.

I really think you’re better off with a different unicycle. Replacing the rim would involve completely rebuilding the wheel, probably using new spokes. And you’d want a different tire. And the cranks and pedals are crap. In answer to your question, it’s cheap because it’s a piece of junk.

i suggest this


It’s too bad UDC doesn’t sell the old Nimbus 29ers with nicer pedals and Big Apple tire anymore. That’s what I’ve got as a distance machine, and it rules. The rim is single-walled, but it is really wide and lightweight anodized aluminum I believe.


Why not wait and see how the new Torker 29ers will be, I believe they are due to be out soon

Woo, I love it how everyone goes yammering how bad the Sun is without trying it… sure the Nimbus tour unicycle is better (http://www.einradladen.net/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=2&products_id=368&osCsid=08c5ee428eaf2144b16abc2266a2abe2) but that doesn’t make the Sun impossible to ride or a lesser unicycle. For 89 dollars you’d have a 20" starters unicycle in Holland, with much the same specs.

Looking at the picture I somehow doubt that, but you could be right even so.

Converting this to a XC Muni you’d probably end up with keeping only the frame and seatpost. New tire + rim + hub + spoking would be neccesary.

most of the welded seatclamps i have seen on frames are just welded on with one spot weld so when you take a iron saw you can just take it of thats what i did with my frame of my first unicycle

I have one and the wheel has held up fine for road riding. However, I had to replace the cranks, pedals, saddle, seat post and seat post clamp. The clamp is welded on, you’ll need some ingenuity to replace it. Total cost so far is about $200. You’re probably better off with the Nimbus, or wait for the Torker to come out and hope it’s good.

I have a sun frame that had a tac welded on seat post clamp. To remove it just cut it with a hacksaw then remove the bolt, insert a screwdriver and bend the sides back and then bend it back and forth until it breaks off. This way you still have a little weld that will prevent the new clamp from sliding down when adjusting.

unimog twisted the rim on his Sun 28 just by doing a sharp turn. He streightened the rim, then tacoed it riding off a curb. He does weigh 45 lbs more than you, so maybee it would have lasted you a bit longer.

In my opinion save your money and get the Nimbus oor the new Torker. At UDC you can upgrade the desired parts and just pay the difference, just put in requests when you order it.

I’m debating between getting one of these two now, or saving my money for a KH, which I’ll probably wan’t to get eventually anyway.

How would any of these unicycles be for long distance riding? I was thinking about doing a day of RAGBRAI (about 70 miles) on a unicycle just for the challange… and this year’s course is the flattest that it’s ever been. So, how would on of these be in comparison to a $340 36" uni?

umm, well the radial 360 (the one i assume you are talking about) has a steel rim and not the much superior airfoil one. Also, it has 150 mm cranks, much to long for road riding. So, in answer to your question, the 36er will be much faster but dont expect it to be the ultimate distance machine