Why is there an 81 dollar difference between the same brand of shin pads?

What the Wookiee?
On unicycle.com, there is a pair of shin+knee pads, brand 661, for 105 australian dollars, and then on blueskycycling.com there is a different model of 661 shin+knee pads for only 24 dollars, but i dont know what country blueskycycling.com is located in therefore do not know the currency.
could someone please explain this to me?



okay so how much is 24 dollars U.S.A compared to Australian?

24.00 Usd = 32.5296 Aud

some sites are crazy like that though, and there are sometimes way different thing in price, so you should always look around on the web for a little bit when online shopping, or use froogle, a service provided by google, it gives you the lowest price on a search

A lot of people use 661 4x4 pads. They’re about £20 in the UK, which is something like 45 Aus Dollars. Some people use 661 veggie wraps, which I think are a bit cheaper. 105 Aus Dollars sounds way too expensive, but it depends what model of pads you were looking at.

i was blown away by bluesky cycling’s prices; i haven’t been able to find gear anywhere for cheaper. they’re located in so. california, so i got my order in just a couple days… even with shipping costs their products are cheaper than going to the bike shop.

I bet they won’t give you personal help with your unicycle or bicycle, though. Patronize the guys that make it real; keep them in business. :slight_smile:

Um, how would I need personal help with my helmet or gloves? And, despite your wagerless bet, what is your interest in my choice of vendor?

I’ll patronize whoever offers me the best price, thank you very much. This is one of the benefits that I enjoy as an ordinary consumer in a capitalist marketplace. I got some name-brand gear, I got it quick and cheap, and I’m satisfied. End of story.

If the price difference is that much, loyalty to a shop goes out the window.