Why is street unicycling dead ?

In my opnion you can not obligate someone who doesn’t like street to do street, people should do what they like most.

Yes. I find that people get better fastest when they practice the style they like best. I know it’s that way with me.

Yeah thats true for me. I used to really want to learn all the street tricks and be really good at it. Then I realized that I would just get frustrated learning street tricks and I sucked at it. Now I have moved onto muni and I’m having a blast. I really enjoy riding and getting better at it. I’m also getting better and better at commuter unicycling and I enjoy that too. So basically do whatever style you’re best at and like doing the most and you’ll have a much better time with. As for the street is dead idea it doesn’t really matter if big steet might be flashier to non riders. What matter is to do what you want to do and not what everyone else expects you to do. Do it for yourself!:slight_smile: