Why is street unicycling dead ?

Thats almost exactly what I said in a different thread. Needless to say I agree.

I think that Flat has a better market chance, although I do street.

If people want a rush, tell them to watch skating. I see no problem with doing unicycle specific tricks at all. I think it makes the sport twice as unique, and more interesting, because if you say “extreme unicycling” trying to impress a non unicyclist and describe it, you would probably be talking about street or trials. But you find that in other places.

You can’t do a varial roll, rolling wrap, inside roll, sideways wheelwalk, or any of those tricks, in any other sport. While in street, a crankflip has the same trick value as a kickflip to a non unicyclist, even though we percieve to be more than that. We have to realize that while doing big sets is more impressive, is it really all that smart?

Street has a nearly impressive chance of hitting the market one day, however I don’t think people will be doing Big street on a regular basis. It will be like varialflipping sets and such. I think that the french are making such a big impression of what street is, and no one else except those few do any of the stuff that they do. A front flip? Who else is going to do that in a while? They go so big, that if the sport becomes what they make it, none of the other people will even want to go that big, and the sport wont have the market that we hope for it to achieve.

Flat on the other hand, remains consistant. If you do a varial roll to inside roll to rolling wrap, that is no “bigger” than a rolling wrap to 180 unispin to rolling wrap. It all looks just as impressive to someone who does not unicycle. Perhaps someone intrested in investing in unicycling will find flat more impressive.

Street is going too big for a lot of us. I find nothing wrong with full varial flipping a 3 or 4 set, but when it comes down to it, people want to see people go big, in a sport that can. Its already been proven that we can go big… Now its just a matter of who wants to or not.

Tom Pec is a perfect example of that… Jumped a 12 stair and failed. The second after he hit the ground he started facing the consequences.

Quite honestly, I’m not interested in going big. I just wish that people would find tech down ledges as impressive… Really depends on how hard looking the tech trick looks though.


Interesting thread idea.

I agree with spencer. If you want to do massive jumps and get air then unicycling probably isnt for you… I like big street, I like it more then tech street for sure. But gaping a 10 set+ over and over and over is just SOOOOOO BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING.

Anyway, street isn’t dead. Look forward to my next vid if your hungry for some big street. But don’t expect me to simpley jump sets over and over. Thats not creative at all.


I am too lazy to go ride downtown sometimes, I have no sets, rails and other stuff close to were I live. Or not as close as my backyard deck were I do a lot of my flat.

Just thought I’d show this thread.

I’m really liking the ideas in this thread. Really, really liking them. Creative old school shit.

But not nessesarily big street… Hehe also skrobo talks about frontflips in that thread.

I’ve taken a lot of interest in flat lately, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon street riding. I love street, but I live in a small town where the biggest stair set is 4, so it seems logical to me to learn skills that can be performed anywhere.

Wow, there are better street riders posting on here than me but it’s an honor to be mentioned:) . I hope my next vid will put me up a couple more notches :sunglasses: .

I still do street. It’s kinda boring but it gives me something to do when I don’t have a muni. Although now that my trials is screwed, I’m going try to fix my muni and ride it more… lol.
I agree with Spencer. Unicycling is a slow-paced sport.
But that’s compared to bikes… If you go fast (for a unicycle) and do huge gaps and drops (huge for a unicycle…) then you’re going big… I’m not sure if this makes sense. I’m slightly inebriated right now…

i don’t think your understanding of street is the same as mine and a lot of other people on here.
you don’t need huge sets to make a video a good street video, you need creativity with what you have to work with.

Agreed. I think he ment that big street is dead.

Yea. At one point big street was (pretty much) all there was. Once the techy tricks starting getting invented and evolving the kids that would have been going big, were learning new tricks. All and all unicycling is young, when a new street rider comes to the sport they will typically start learning tricks before they have learned, or are confident enough, to go big. They will do this because the tricks exist, when once they did not.

What we will see in the next few years is a lot of these progressing riders taking their tech style of riding and going bigger and bigger, combining the two style, I think.

Front flips are being done. By a flat rider. hmmm. Big street is not dead it is just in the background while the skill level of our sport progresses. The two will have no choice but to come back together.

One name. Hugo.

One name. Hugo, the best mix of the two IMO.

Kelly Hickman.

Hmmmmmmmmm… I’d say Kevins more tech then Kelly…

Overblunt ftw :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, I agree with sams point about unicycling being a young sport.
I go bigger then most skaters and bmx riders that have been riding aslong as me.

Funny how a lot of you thought he mean flatland riding, when he mean street tricks, but just on flat ground. Also funny how a lot of you are thinking of just gapping sets with no tricks.

I somewhat agree with Max. Youd think by now, a lot more riders would be taking what they learn on flat and start to up the ante with it. I also agree with Skrobo that a lot of people arent balsy enough to drop a 7 foot drop with a crankflip, and stuff like that.

And as you all know, I hate the excuses about going “big”.

Anyways, im not a street rider, and my biggest set tricked down is a 4-set by my house. Once I learn more tricks on flat, ill defeitely start doing them off bigger and bigger things.

Until then, ill keep to trials.

Doesn’t sound like street on flat to me :roll_eyes:

I read that as crankflip haha. Oops.


i dont like doing flatland its no fun. but it is hard. i love trials and MUni alot more heart pumping.

Probably you don’t like flatland because you can’t do flatland! I tought the same a while back, but when you start to land rolls and small combos you have a lot of hear pumping! :smiley:

The start is really boring, but once you learn some tricks, it’s really cool!

streets still here, but its not big street really. What you really see now is tech street. Theres a diff between tech and flat.

I do trials. Pure trials bayyyyyyybeeeeeeeeee.