Why is street unicycling dead ?

Well, after taking a break of unicycling im kinda riding again, I can still do everything I used to + a little bit. But comming back on the forums it kinda made me go WTF. What happend to street ? All I see is flat flat flat flat and flat. No I dont think flat is easy its actually quite hard. But my question is. How does anyone get any kind of a rush from flat ? Am I the only person on these forums that enjoys an adrenaline rush ?? I mean jee, it took me for ever so find a video of someone grinding a handrail, I gave up and watched defect. Anyhow, now that I looked at the forums I really dont understand, going flatland will NOT help unicycling get bigger . Not what so ever. Argue with me all you want but people nowadays want a rush. For example, lets take skateboarding. Look at when it started, ‘‘old school’’ is all flat. The evolution of it was the big stair cases, the handrails and the vert. Sure flat land does give us new tricks but I just dont see what is sooo fun about doing a crank roll and doing a 360 and landing back on the pedals. I really dont. Someone please Explain to me . I’m not bashing on anyone not bashing on flat land at ALL its not bad to watch once or twice a week. I just really do not see how everyone on here enjoys doing it so much ? IMO what is happening is that we are seeing alot more younger riders. I could be wrong, I just skipped threw a couple threads and looked at people’s age and that is what I got out of it. Anyhow, im sad to see what happend to the amazing sport of unicycling.


sorry for all my typos and grammar errors. If you’re only going to reply to laugh at them get a life man go work or something.

Wow… that was quite a rant there :wink:

I’m still a proud street rider. I like doing flat occasionally, but I much prefer tricking down 3 and 4 sets… not much of a handrailer or anything though.

Rant ? sure why not, and sorry, but 3 or 4 sets, not saying you suck or that I’m better, but still no rush from that.

I feel you man. Street is definately where its at. I mean flats cool and all, but its just to slow. Big stairs and rails is where it’s at.

well, these forums really dint change that much, no one can provide good info. :roll_eyes:

I can easily do more(obviously), but I just get this rush that you are describing more from doing advanced flip tricks down 3 or 4 sets (or the occasional 5er). simply jumping an 8 or 9 set is just plane boring for me, and is often a waste of equipment. Crankflipping a 8 set is fine though;)

glad to see you back!

if you break stuff off of an 8 set, your technique sucks and you need to improve it big time.

the only time i’ve wasted equipment on big jumps was my first 9 set attempt (slightly taco’d a BMX rim) and a seat post over my truck (i count that as a bigger stairset jump)

Well its simple. Don’t spit out crap expecting to be fed anything better.

Flatland is rewarding. Its a challenge. Just like learning to ride a unicycle for the first time. Unicycles were fun before street was around, and there are many things about unicycle that is fun besides street.

I as well enjoy an adrenaline rush from time to time, but I like unicycling more often than I am willing to risk my well being. I need my limbs for work, and well I need them for unicycling. Sprain an ankle and you gotta take time off.
Don’t get me wrong street is where its at, IMO. I think that is the best discipline from a marketing/jaw dropping stand point.

However you coming back around talking smack and expecting this place to live up to your hopes and dreams, is porlly not the most appropriate way for you to say you like street unicycling more than flat. There are plenty of sweet street vids, yea not enough, but is a pretty small sport and not all of us are out there breaking bones and crushing rims everyday.

…and tech tricks down a 3 or 4 is way more awesome than gapping a 9.

i disagree, i’ve seen about 6 ppl put out videos with an 8 set or bigger, and about 30 capable of doing some tech down a 3 or 4 set.

ppl are turning into wimps.
thats all there is to it.

i want Kevin McMullin to come post in this thread
… sorry about the name drop, but he’s the craziest street rider there is in my eyes, eat crap HARD, only to get up and do it again… till he nails something.

Funny thing is my two worst injuries have come from freestyle tricks!

I went out for a really good street ride at the skatepark yesterday and I got way better. It was a lot of fun because I was hitting grinds and stuff that usually took me a whole bunch of tries. I might do some filming in the next while but I’m not sure its worth the trouble. Still some fun handrails, curved bank ledges and 8 set grinds are fun, not to mention a bunch of other street stuff I’ve gotten a lot better at to be left in the dark for a bit.

If you want really good street vids though I think Luke, Hugo and Pele have been busting out the best stuff as of late. Shaun and Kelly’s parts in Rounds 1 and 2 are pretty awesome too!

Pele has been busting out some pretty crazy stuff down smaller sets, so I think he doesn’t fall under the usual category, plus there is a difference between big street and good street. One takes balls over skill (yes skill is required though) and the other is skill over balls.

Well I am a young rider who does street (more of tech) and flat (more static flatland if you know the diffrence). And I get just as much of an adrenaline rush from pulling a nice flat line as doing a 6 or 7 stair. Like today I just did a crankflip to 360 unispin, crankflip to 270 to 90 spins and 360 unispin to 360 unispin; these gave me an adrenaline rush.
And the amazing sport of unicycling is evolving into something just as good, but diffrent IMO.

I can pretty much guarantee you. EVERYONE who can treflip a 3 stair has also jumped an 8+ set in their life. Simply gapping things, in my eyes, just isn’t film worthy. 12 set+ I think would be worthy of a video, but it’s really just boring seeing people repeatedly jump 9 sets. It’s not in the least bit difficult.

And skrobo, I’ve never broken equipment on an 8 set or anything, the only times I break rims and stuff is by landing sideways down a 6 set. I rarely try to gap things, there always has to be some trick involved otherwise it just plane isn’t fun for me. Believe me, my rolling hop technique is fine ;), it’s landing right on 180 flips down a 6 set that needs work…

Street is dead? I’d say everything’s street and flat. If anything, it’s trials that’s dying.

Also, what are you trying to say in the end of your rant when you mention seeing a large amount of younger riders?

IMO flat riding is more impressive to people that at least have a basic knowledge of the sport of unicycling. if you understand what is going on in a trick, and how difficult it is it makes it more impressive. while big street is impressive to riders and non-riders alike because it’s much easier to understand what is actually going on and it impresses everyone because it is obvious how difficult it is.

now don’t get me wrong, i love doing big street, the biggest set i do on a regular basis is a 7. but i also enjoy watching/trying and appreciate the difficulty of tech small street, and flatland riding. in fact i wish that i were better at both.

just my thoughts, not really agreeing or disagreeing with anyone, i just think that it’s such an amazing sport and that all riding styles are impressive and almost all are impressive to watch. i just try to appreciate the sport as a whole.

The cool thing about flat/freestyle is that they are the only styles that have skills that are specific to unicycling. If your only goal is just to go fast, jump over stuff and get a big adrenaline rush then you probably picked the wrong sport.

Translation: I don’t like Flat and neither should you.

Translation: I think the forums have something to do with what unicyclists are doing out in the world, and I know what will make unicycling bigger.

Maybe the Street riders are out riding Street instead of posting. Maybe they’ve already inspired a new generation of riders who are out riding and don’t even have accounts here?

As for getting bigger, all the press ever seems to want to know about is MUni. MUni, Muni, Muni. Why? Because they’ve heard of it. Sometimes they mix Street/Flat in with the MUni, but for whatever reason it doesn’t seem to be a story topic for the press that contacts me. Even Columbia Sportswear, who did the great commercial with Dan Heaton, implied that he pioneered MUni when they really meant Street. I knew what they meant, or I would have been a little annoyed because Dan’s first MUni ride was at my event.

Anyway, there are tons of threads in here where people complain that the forums aren’t they way they like anymore. It happens. Activity here is also seasonal. Right now might be a lull, with the end of summer and the start of school, etc. Never really thought about it. But you aren’t going to make Flat fans into Street fans by telling them Flat is boring. Or vice-versa. Watching videos of anything over and over will get old. Especially MUni!

Definitely, skating and especially biking is much more suited towards that.

Flat is really fun because it involves a lot of work and then there is a lot of self-gratification once you land something.

-Think is coming from a mountain rider.

Dude, arn’t videos like that when people post the thread title as “Unicycle Injury” and then have themselves breaking ankles

And then didn’t go to Unicon and place highly in the trials comp. LOL… I love Tom Pec…

I love you Miles, you said everything!

A lot of people is doing flat because: You can ride anywhere, it’s safer than street and it’s the base!

A street rider only treflip a 5 set if he can treflip in the ground…

Loic, Adrien, ThiBauld… They are flatlanders, but they can all do awesome tricks like triples down 5 sets or out fifth flips down 4 sets!

Pele, Chris, Zack are great street riders posting here. Maybe flatland receive more attention because Koxx is doing a great job on the web promoting it, releasing specific products and this stuff…

In my opinion street isn’t dead, it was borned just some years ago, and we are inventing it now… Creating… And you definetely can’t create a new trick down a 5 set…

The biggest part of the flat/street unicyclists are young guys, and can’t ride to a skate park everyday… That’s why some of them just ride flat…