Why is my new unicycle seat make me sore after riding

I’m just writing this because I don’t know why I get so sore in my crotch after unicycling? If you have any tips please reply

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Ride more often with shorter times and do not wear cotton underwear or jeans.

edit to fix what I read after posting… please wear pants and biking shorts.

Could be any number of problems, I’ll list a few.

Your saddle my not fit you. No one saddle will work for everyone and many riders just have to try different saddles to see what works for them. I have tied saddles that I was good for about a mile and others that are good for a 100 mile day.

No matter what saddle you use in does take some time in the saddle to get used to it.

Most riders prefer more modern saddles with less of a banana shape. Saddles with more of a curve concentrates most all of the weight in the more sensitive areas and not on the sit bones.

Most riders find that a nose up angle of the saddle will put more weight on the site bones and less on more sensitive areas. You can add spacer washers on the saddle mount if needed to raise the nose.

Some riders find that padded shorts work well. My saddles fit fine and I don’t use padded shorts.

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Can you describe your soreness?

If you’re not an experienced rider you could just be breaking yourself in.

If you’ve got dangly bits you could be sitting on things wrong. I had to get new underwear and learn how to position the bits to not dangle where I’m sitting due to losing circulation. Also saddle tilt could be a factor. You want to sit on your sit/butt bones not your dangly bits.

If your bits do not dangle then some of the other non dangly riders can help offer tips too.

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With regard to the dangly bits - I wear two jock straps (small first, medium on top), followed by Pearl Izumi padded bike shorts and regular shorts or pants (temperature dependent) on top of the bike shorts (because who wants to see a grown man in bike shorts?).
I refer to it as seat fatigue - not soreness. I typically start to feel it anywhere between 35 and 45 minutes into the ride but it seems to vary day to day (sometimes I don’t notice it much). I ride an hour a day every day (on the road) and it never goes away. I usually have to tough it out for about 10 minutes after it really sets in just for the “fun” of it (and to get my hour in). At a certain point I sometimes become used to it (I rode an hour 20 one day). I always tell myself -“whatever you do - don’t raise up for relief - it just makes it worse when you sit back down”. I have tried different saddles and an air cushion seat - none of that helped. I am sure it is different for everybody. I just consider it part of the game/price of riding.

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I was struggling with it too, an hour ride was pretty painful. I wear bike shorts, which help, but not that much. I’m using a nimbus stadium saddle. I finally made a little wedge out of aluminum for in-between the saddle and seat post to get a bit more adjustment ( raising the front of the saddle) which made quite a big difference, I could finally feel my sit bones on the saddle instead of my soft tissues. I still want to get some more adjustment in there to make it better and have been throwing some other ideas around, but it’s too cold to work in the garage right now.

I think the stock saddle angle adjustment system that currently exists is totally worthless, it barely moves anything, doesn’t get the saddle where it needs to be .

Muni isn’t too bad, your up off the seat enough, but road riding is pretty rough.

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Get yourself a nimbus air saddle cover. It will make almost any saddle more comfortable for around $50.

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Some kind of handlebar will help greatly. This will make a difference regardless of what saddle you have since it will take weight off the saddle. A simple solution is a Ursli bar or homemade similarly styled teardrop thing that attaches to the front of a saddle or you can go all in with a Nimbus or KH touring bar.

I got soar a lot helps me is I wear two padded bike shorts that don’t go past the thigh area and vaseline along each side of the boys that helped me a ton.

2 shorts? Now, that’s a great idea.
Now, I can still re-use my stretched out old shorts.

Keep riding Chris you make great videos.

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