why is it called a side hop?

i was woundering,

why do people say that such an such a guy can side hop over a 3 foot bar.

Surely* this is more of a high jump than a side hop so it should be measured in the distance one can jump to the side not up and over. Anyway i may be wrong im not sure but i was woundeirng how far ppl can “hop to the side”. At the moment mines around 1m 80cm how bout you guys?

And do you all find it easyer hoping to the same side as your choclate foot or the oppiosite, because i can hop further on the choclate side but feel more comftable hoping the other way.

the juggler

I think side jump means starting your jump side on from the object. From my limited experience jumping side ways over a pile of bricks is way easier than going forwards or backwards.

During a side hop the rider hops to his or her side. ‘Side’ refers to the direction the rider is hops, so forward hops are obviously when the rider hops directly in front of him or her. Rolling hops are also forward hops directly from riding forward.

High jumps generally refer to when a rider is trying to hop for pure height, in competition usually over a bar, not what style of hop it is.

Hope I’ve explained that ok!

Side hopping

and then you musn’t confuse a side hop with side hopping. this is my friend Ashley (Wood)'s definition of side hopping:

The seat on side one foot hopping is called side hopping.

And can you guys believe that I can do a leg-around-seat mount to side hopping?

Its also fun to see how big of a side hop you can get while side hopping, if you get my drift…my record is probably 4 inches. hehe I do a lot of hopping variation tricks, like I can now jump rope pretty well in the seat-drop position, where the seat is almost touching the floor, in front, and my foot keeps the frame and therefore the seat up off of the ground. It looks REALLY funny!! I can also do a little seat-drop with seat in back hopping.

And speaking of, how do you guys do it? I can’t even keep the pedals even much less tip to the side and hop. You guys is awesome.

We need videos! And of the other crazy stuff!!!


Sorry, guys, but you’ll just have to wait until my all-girls EXtreme Unicycling movie comes out to see awesome stuff like that…hehe or well at least wait until the trailer, k?

A side hop comes to us from Bike Trials. In Bike trials a side hop is used by riders who approach an object by riding parallel to it then stopping and jumping up and to the side. This is in contrast to a bunny hop where you are hopping forward.

The technique on a bike has nothing to do with distance you can hop to the side, rather how high you can jump to the side. Check out Biketrials.com to see a video of this.


Yup, thats why it’s called a side hop. the term bunny hop usually isn’t used in unicycling, though. It’s either a side hop or a rolling hop. You can also hop forward on to something from a stillstand, but I don’t know of a name for that.

To clarify further, hopping laterally for distance in a trials line is called a gap. Hopping for distance on flat ground is called a long jump.


I usually call a static front hop simply a front hop.