Why is custom cheeper/better? k1 quax mix

welll ive been looking into a new trials uni for a while and decided to see what custom would be like and it turned out cheeper than a qu-ax (and maybe better?). is this right?
heres the parts:

qu-ax splined hub and crank set
nimbus trials rim
Bulletproof Alloy Platform Pedals
Semcycle XL 300-mm (11-inch) Seat Post
Kris Holm Fusion Street Gel Saddle
k1 Devil frame
Onza Seatpost Clamp
Marwi 14-gauge Spokes

hmm, well did you figure in a tube and a tire?

add Maxxis Creepy Crawler as tire, have tubes galor at home (im assuming a 20" will work)

have you used the KH saddle, it isn’t comfortable. It feels absolutely perfect SIF though, awesome for unispins and such too.

thats not a great setup
cranks are heavy
rim sucks
heavy pedals
post is ok
saddle is good
k1 frame is alright not that specail
onza seatpost clamp is nothing great
marwi is alright.

for that price you could maybe go KH

it comes out to $315

would i be better off just getting the qu-ax hub and putting some kh moment 07 isis cranks on them?

and thats the only trials rim on UDC
so this isnt going to be that great of a uni basically?

The lightweight red hub is the one with Isis, not the strong splined yellow one.

I disagree, I find it very comfortable even just riding on it.

that rim is so freaking strong you have no idea

and no way you could go KH for that price
why in the WORLD would you pay 200 for a frame.

who gives a crap about the cranks
pedals… who cares
saddle… NO it sucks.
everything else is good

can you put up a link, i cant find on udc

edit: my original goal of this uni was to have a qu-ax uni wheel and hub set with a k1 frame and seat, is this even relistic to expect?

yeah it is.

and what kind of saddle are you comparing it to?

You don’t want the red isis hub if you are doing trials, its not strong. It was built to be lightweight and is for freestyle.

I’m comparing it to the old style KH fusion, the DX saddle, the LX saddle, a miyata airseat and the velo ‘gel’ saddle.

the saddle is a personal preference.

cool nowi gotta start earning money

I definitely agree there, and it is my personal preference that it is the most comfortable stock saddle, maybe apart from the freeride though I haven’t gotten a chance to ride that and it wouldn’t be quite as well suited for trials :slight_smile:

i guess thats good enough, but its hard
my DX saddle is just as comfortable as the other KH seat, but it is super modified. ohh its waaaay stronger too

You are using two stiffener plates right?

Personally I like how the seat is firm, it’s not a bad firm such as the LX saddle. For anything other than super long distance (which the freeride would be more suited to I think) it feels great for me.

do you guys think if i e-mail renagade and ask them they will let me buy just the devil frame, casue its not listed on thier website

Yeah, if they let people upgrade the devil piece by piece to the orange bud I don’t see there being much trouble just getting a frame. The only way to know for sure is by calling though :slight_smile: