Why I prefer Unicycle Racing to Bicycle Racing

The Race: Christchurch to Nelson (New Zealand)
The Distance: 445km
Total riders: 67
Total Unicyclists: 0
My bike: Cervelo Super Prodigy '04 (10 days old)

The mess:

What happens when your deraileur goes into the spokes on a bike:

Broken teeth:

Ouch. OTB or just a long ass skid?

Also, how did you mess up your chainring?

I’m assuming your limit screw wasn’t set right and you shifted into your wheel. It’s 10 days old? Will the shop you bought it from buy you a new one for not adjusting it properly? Assuming that’s what caused it then whoever assembled it is to blame, here’s hoping you didn’t do it yourself. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ll bring it into the bike shop tomorrow. It happened when I dropped my chain off the front derailleur. I tried to shift it back on and the next thing I hear is a sickening crunch. You’d think I wouln’t be stupid enough to do it a second time except that it was 3.30am and I was about to fall asleep on my bike when I did it again.

The idea behind this race was to bring a unicycle team down next year :sunglasses: I’m sure if I was on my unicycle I would at least have finished the race- in last place, but finishing nonetheless.

I stayed on the bike, but the skidmark was pretty impressive. I don’t know how I chiped those teeth- but the chain is bent as well

Jeez ken…it looks like your as hard on your bikes as I am on my uni…did i mention i broke yet another seatpost, and ordered a thomson that should be arriving tomorrow :smiley: mmmmm strong.