Why don't they make an adapter to switch between the two different style seat posts?

I’ve been thinking lately how nice it would be to have an adapter to switch between the common seat post (KH style) and the Toker LX style which both use a different seat bolt pattern. I’ve got a Torker air seat that I’d love to swap onto my KH muni which ofcoarse has the KH style with the brake, but can’t do it because of the bolt pattern difference. It seems like a logical thing and wondered if any of you have made some sort of adapter to swap in there to go between the two. I can picture just how one would look like, but unfortunately I don’t have the material or the skills for that matter to make one. Guess I’m stuck spending extra $$ for a new seat. :angry:

Just get an adapter to go from 25.4 to 27.2 mm. and use your old post.

An adapter would be expensive and heavy. Much easier to get the appropriate post for your seat design and frame inner diameter.

problem solved
the bracket is set up to accomadate both styles of seat
they only come in 22.2 and 25.4 so it owuldnt fit a KH with out a shim

Has anybody just re-drilled out another pattern on their plastic bases?

Wouldnt be hard, and I dont think you would compromise strength. Though im not sure how close the holes would be, and with them too close, that could be a problem.

Thanks for the info!

You would need to drill through the stiffener plate too wouldn’t you?

Im really not sure.

I do have a miyata post/seat downstairs. Ill check later tonight, once I get home from band practice.

you will have to drill the stiffener plate.
and you will have to file away some of the plastic on a kh base to get the miyata style post to fit it
but like i said the gb4seatpost fits both miyata and KH

Thanks. Do you have a link to this, I can’t seem to find it on uni.com.

to the GB4 or to the redrilled base?
if you want a link to a GB4 i think i can find one. redrilled base… nope


I don’t think that they are getting more but you could get lucky. Give them a call, sometimes they have stuff that they don’t have on the site.

I can’t believe you guys are still using stiffeners. Don’t you know you can shave 453,592 milligrams if you throw it out? Don’t you want your uni lighter? :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends on if you want to use the stiffener or not. If the post and stiffener aren’t bolted together somehow, it won’t help stiffen the connection between the post and the handle.

Your just jealous because you don’t have a triton frame :p.

Thanks for the link, that’s exactly what I would need. Only problem is that it doesn’t look like they carry it in 27.2mm.