Why doesnt UDC sell K! stuff?

my title tells more about this thread than than snakes on a plane does, if you ask me

Why buying Koxx when you can choose Qu-Ax or KH :wink: ?

I think they have their reasons when they dont sell it

so theres no real reason. thats a let down, im set on a K1 uni but like to give my bussniess to UDC

as far as i know, UDC tried ordering from them, and they didnt have them ready and just stuff like that. So UDC doesnt stock them anymore.

There are reasons… mainly it’s because Koxx are a bunch of idiots

Your a bunch of idiots.


I’m not the one that gropes girls when he’s drunk.

yes its a personal thing, they dont like each other

It’s possibly not helped by the fact that because they sell to school groups, unicycle.com has to work through a content filter. If you put the koxx unicycle names on a webpage, it gets flagged as a drug related site, so a lot of schools can’t access it.


hey if you want to order a K1 in north america check out www.division8.ca they have tons to select from and their shipping rates are awesome!
p.s wicked prices too

Maybe it would cause confusion and returns

Because the new ISIS KH parts aren’t compatible with the ISIS Koxx parts (when really, common sense tells you they should be) , UDC went with KH only to avoid the certainty of warranty returns from ham fisted attempts to pound it on anyway.

actually renagade is cheeper with s&h than division8 is w/o shipping

ok i can understand this and all the other reasons, im just kinda disapointed that thats the way things worked out, cause as if said before i like to give my buissnes to UDC, oh well

jw, why do you have your heart set on a k1

there cheaper than a KH strog and look cool

get a quax then. Stronger and look so shexshay witht that yellow. to me anyway

just looked into it, thats a deffinate possibility

Renegade is OK

UDC and Renegade are kind of comparable. I have bought stuff from both and they are both very good shops I think.

UDC should be applauded for not stocking K1 stuff. Many unicycle retailers are extremely unhappy with the way Koxx does business, but bite their tong (which is quite understandable when so many people want K1 products). Unless Koxx feels the pressure they probably won’t change their ways.

Unfortunately there are so many unicyclists for whom look is more important than function and who therefore buy Koxx.

that’s the biggest load of rubbish i’ve ever heard.

i have koxx hub and cranks, i didnt get them cause they look spiffy, theyre very well built cranks.

theyre strong, i like the shape, they seem very well made and overall i am very happy with my purchase.

my koxx hub and cranks are every bit as functional as kris holm or qu-ax hub and cranks.

just because more people prefer KH than Koxx doesn’t give anybody reason to bag koxx for having bad unicycles, personally i think theyre the best unicycles on the market.

Hi, looks like we always bump into each other in threads like this :wink:

I understand your point of view. You spend lots of money on your uni (especially relative to your age), so you want it to be the best in the world. So if someone tells you that there are now better unicycles for the price it makes you kind of mad. But come on, get over it. You still have an awesome unicycle, and the most important thing is still the way you ride it.

Four points (will I ever get tired of repeating this?):

  • Koxx is a pain to do business with for retailers (at least that is what I have heard).
  • Koxx is not ISIS and lies about it.
  • Koxx hub and cranks are more expensive than KH (at least in the EU).
  • Koxx cranks take far less abuse than KH’s (no broken 07 cranks as far as I know, while it sometimes only takes weeks to wreck the Koxx reinforced cranks by loosening the insert).