why doesnt kris holm ride street?

hey kris how come u dont do street ( like dan heaton stuff) im sure u’d be good at it but ive never seen u grind, uni spin, do 180’s or 360’s, just ur trials and muni.

any reason why,


Maybe he doesn’t like it. I personally don’t like street as much as I like trials, but that’s just me.

I agree, some people just don’t like some types of riding.

I am a MUni rider, plain and simple. The rest doesn’t really interest me!

Or maybe he isn’t as good doing street, and is sick of people saying, ‘Hey are you that Dan Heaton guy?’


I’ve often wondered this myself,

I am sure Kris can do alot of stuff that we have not seen, It doesnt seem like there is any way that he could be as good at the stuff that he does and not be able to do some types of street, but, what you have to remember is, Kris doesnt think like a mere mortal, he is busy thinking about riding a mountain or a skyscraper. Have you seen one tired guy? SIX WORDS FOR YOU… Four story building on the edge!

Re: why doesnt kris holm ride street?

isn’t that like asking why tiger woods doesn’t play putt-putt?

On the ‘UNIVERsE’ video there’s a fair amount of Kris doing street stuff, but he does it on a 26"-er!

Obviously that’s not the best type of uni for jumping on and off waste bins with, but he makes it look really easy.

Thanks, GILD

Thanks, GILD


The main reason I like to mountain unicycle is that I like to be outdoors in a natural environment. I definately like the technical side of MUni and trials too, but only within the context of being outdoors in interesting natural places. This is the main reason why I’ve never gotten into street- I could never be motivated to spend my spare time hanging out in urban areas.

In fact, lately I’ve pretty much gone away from urban trials too, and increasingly I find it much more interesting to ride natural terrain on rocks and logs on the beaches near my home. I think this is a natural process of evolving as a rider- you just get interested in different things at different times.

Plus, street is also a pretty different way of looking at riding. I’m motivated by the process of figuring out how to ride difficult terrain- it’s the terrain itself that provides the challenge and the creative part is in figuring out whatever techniques works best to get through it.

With street, obstacles become props to set up cool moves- the creative part is in creating the moves themselves rather than just getting from A to B. This is really cool, especially because you can do really interesting street riding in areas that would be boring for pure trials, but it’s a totally different perspective on riding that may not appeal to everyone.

Ultimately, it will be awesome to see some of the street tricks applied to MUni in the same way that terrain park skiing has inspired Fusion style extreme skiing, where terrain park tricks are being done on big mountain faces. That will be cool to see, but as far as I’m concerned it’s for the next generation of riders to figure out.


its kinda funny how people in this thread write about kris as if he cant see it :slight_smile:

Unibrow does, in fact, his thread title notwithstanding, speak directly to Kris.

Kris does, however, even here on RSU, and particularly to those who have not met him, possess celebrity status. In our social hierarchy that generally earns one third person status.

Raphael Lasar wonders if Kris considers that a blessing, a curse, or a bit of both? :wink:

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I have noticed, I’m not sure why, JJugle, for some reason, in many cases, although nobody can explain it, likes to use profuse amounts of commas, although his usage remains, as far as I can tell, gramatically correct.

As does, unlike your own, due perhaps to laziness, ignorance, or, perchance, a combination of both, my spelling.

I might note as well, overkill though it might be, that “amount” is generally used with mass nouns such as “punctuation” as in, “to use a profuse amount of punctuation.” The word “number” is, however, more correctly used with count nouns such as, ah, say, “commas”.

Oh, also, are you not sure why you “have noticed” or not sure why I use “profuse amounts of commas”?

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but when you’re using them by the pound, you may as well use ‘amount’

This at least is preferable to other punctuation-based sins; some people over-use the semicolon. Sometimes people use the semi-colon when they really mean (or need) to use a comma; this isn’t one such example. This; on the other hand is.

JJuggle has two "g"s, just like nbrazzi has two "z"s; a natural mnemonic for Nick?

Thread Hijakers! :frowning: :wink:

I must, I feel, humbly, and with great admiration, congratulate you on your continuous, albeit superflous, mastery of the english language, its usage, and poetic stylings thereof.

I think we’ve hit the point of just-too-muchery. I’m going to go ride in the street.

when i rite these threads…

i dont make it seem like kris cant see them its just that it’s alot more fun if everyone has there own opinion.