Why doesn't impact frames allow kh or nibus wheels?

I was looking on Impact’s website and for all except their 24" gravity frame the specs says that it “don’t allow Nimbus - Kris Holm wheelset”. If so why? What is the point? Still slightly confused if it will fit or not but I am pretty sure that I could mod it to.

You can definitely mod it, I think they don’t fit because of the bearing size.

Isn’t it the width of the bearing holders and the leg weld at that point mean the wider flanges of these hubs make the spokes catch? I know it is very close on my Gravity 24"

Ther is lots of lmaterial there so a quick careful blat with a grinder (or some sweating with a file) and I am sure you can get them to fit.

They fit fine for most people. I’ve seen a lot of people use a Nimbus wheel in an Impact Gravity frame, presumably without any modification. My Nimbus hub fit in my Impact frame, except for the head of one spoke rubbed on the bearing holder. I only had to file 1mm off to make it stop rubbing. Other frames, like Koxx-One frames, won’t fit without grinding a substantial amount of metal off of the bearing holders.

What wheel are you spouse to use?

Presumably one with an Impact hub.

tuche! they dont make a whole wheel tho :confused:

You can buy an Impact wheel here: http://www.municycle.ca/impact-unicycle-wheel-19-white-p-1010.html

Thanks for the posts, helped me some.
Still wondering what is the point of the wider fork.

It is not that it has a wider fork, it is that the bearing housings are wider. The Nimbus and KH have wider flanges as this gives a stronger wheel. This does mean that the spokes are more vulnerable to damage when doing pedal grabs. The Impact wheel has narrow flanges for this purpose.

The modification that is needed is the fitting of a slim spacer in between the bearing and the hub on the KH or Nimbus hubs. This pushes the bearings out by 1 or 2mm and gives clearance so the spokes do not touch the frame.

This extra width does not damage the setup. It just moves the bearings from centre tolerance on the frame to the outer tolerance.


As I tested and like them, for those who are interested on gravity frame :

  • gravity (19") fit like a glove the k1 light hub.
  • gravity 24 is perfect assorted with Nimbus d’brake and mad4one disc hub.:D:D:D

my remarks are :

  • on the 19" outside sticker are to to big, crease on the double curve and come non sticked on the crease. Clearly after a few bruise on the tarmac it will no longer by that you see first but this cosmetic concern can be solve simply with sticker 4mm smaller (letter height).
  • the web site told that trial black frame are anodized… I chose a black one because it was described anodized… They nowadays come PAINTED! :astonished: :angry: :frowning:

picture for remark #1

for thoes who have used the 24in frame can you recomend it?

…but not with a duro 24*3 if you go on the mud.