Why do you unicycle?

In message <m0rjyHp-000Jf2C@hammer.thor.cam.ac.uk> Paul Makepeace writes:

> Why do us lot ride unicycles? Is it to impress others or ourselves?
> My own reasons were originally to help my balance purely to improve my BMX (I
> was obsessed: I started all sorts of bizarre stuff then, like regular
> stretching, yoga, balancing on tommy bars on bricks (X-shaped car
> wheel-removing tools). I’d even practise (with the bike) in the kitchen). It
> also appealed as learning another skill for the sake of it (most skills that
> I’m accomplished in have no obvious use, except perhaps shorthand).

It might be interesting to see why people took up unicycling. I started the same
reason I started juggling - I like to be able to do things nobody else can
(well, nobody NORMAL) For that reason, I also have no probelms with people who
associate juggling and unicycling soley with the circus; I’m trying to look
bizarre, anyway! But no, I’m not going to join the circus, and as of yet I
haven’t done any performances. I just like to ride through town and get people
staring at me. A bit of a ego thing, me thinks. :slight_smile:

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