Why do unicyclists bother wearing helmets? (TV Quote)

Last night’s closing statement from the host of Australian game show Talkin’ Bout Your Generation.

“Why do unicyclists bother wearing helmets? Surely if they were interested in road safety they would simply ride a normal bike with handlebars… Very irritating.”

It make the wife and I laugh :slight_smile:

It’s funny how some poeple think it’s the handlebars that make a bike easier/safer to ride, not the extra stability of two wheels. Or how they think the lack of handlebars is the most impressive thing about riding a unicycle.

Haha that’s great. I love that people can be irritated by the fact that someone enjoys riding a unicycle, I think it must be subconscious jealousy, or fear that they don’t understand something.

I’ve been searching twitter for “unicycle” from time to time and it’s amazing the negative things people will posts about unicyclists. They all make me laugh though. My favorite was someone posted about how the unicyclist was a douche and that he was stupid for riding something as inefficient as a unicycle to work :stuck_out_tongue:

They think: He can’t steer! no handlebars!