Why do they throw stones?

Can anybody please explain to me why silly big football obsessed jocks (And I’m talking Rugby Union here) always throw rocks at me when I ride past?
Where I live there are two really rugby obsessed colleges - St. Alberts and Robb. And whenever I ride past them, be it in town, near the colleges, or a the university, they always seem to yell ‘Hey, you’ve lost a wheel!’ and throw rocks…
I always thought Unicycles had an association with clowns and therefore people wouldnt try and hurt me … but maybe these guys dont like clowns…

well, there are several reasons that this happens, all of which are derrogotry to the men that throw stones.

It all happens when the jocks are in school. they don’t “develop” as fast as everyone else. so they are forced to show thier manliness by picking on other people. (it’s the principle of the larger a man’s truck, the smaller his man is [ the whole inferiority complex and such, you know what i am getting at]) so they are forced to continue picking on the weaker people to make themselves look big. they pick on you because you are WAY more of a man than they are. you can do something that they could only dream of. and it gets the ladies, which makes them even more jealous!!

keep that in mind whenever anyone throws stones, that you are more of a man than them in more ways than one!


Some are just so uncomfortable with anything out of the ordinary that they get agressive.
I mostly get that reaction from dogs, but I suppose it is the same with the jocks throwing stones at you when you unicycle.


Yeh. It’s just because they’re “silly big football obsessed jocks”. I’ve got nothing against football at all and I’ve got heaps of really nice friends who play it…just to clear things up. They just wish they could ride a unicycle. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE Originally posted by andrew_carter ]

[B]Yeh. It’s just because they’re “silly big football obsessed jocks”.

I’m not into football much. They can be all Such pussys sometimes. I may watch a bit but Please Let me Watch a Game of Snooker Please. I’m Busting to see the World Embassy Champion In England Coming Soon. I’m with you Samuel, Throw some Hugh Rocks at them if you can, or a 4x2 if your father let you use it.
David.[/B] :slight_smile:

It has nothing to do with football, or rugby. They are aholes. Only aholes throw rocks at people on unicycles. They probably don’t realize it, but they are doing it because you can ride it and they can’t. The fair sports of football and rugby need not be brought into this.

Fair enough John, I’ll admit that not all of those who play rugby are aholes. Its just really noticable when rugby players are the only ones who throw rocks, and therefore easily classified into the ahole bracket. Funny thing, none of them has actually hit me and they always tend to throw them when I’m riding away from them …
One last point. You never see (and sorry for generalising again) a cricketer (sorry to any americans who dont know what I’m talking about), unicycler, snooker player, basketballer, ballerina or skydiver throw rocks …
I think it has something to do with being brought up to see violence and physical domination as the way around problems, and for some reason they see a unicycle as a problem, so their minds say ‘destroy … destroy … destroy’.
I’m just waiting till either a) one of tem hits me or b) they get angry and try and tackle me. It has to happen soon.

Pepper spray.



Re: Why do they throw stones?

I play Rugby and I also unicycle. I try not to throw rocks at myself.


…? OK, maybe I don’t know how to PLAY cricket, but I know it when I see it. But WHAT is a “snooker player???”

Snooker - like pool - cues, 8 balls and the like…therefore a snooker player is someone who plays snooker.

Ok, fair enough.

[QUOTE Originally posted by samuel]

Snooker - like pool - cues, 8 balls and the like…therefore a snooker player is someone who plays snooker.

I’ll clear this up for you Samuel, leave it to me.
I happen to be a very good Snooker & Pool Player. ( I Love 9-Ball & Rotation) Both Billiards & Snooker are originate From England. Billiards consist of 3-balls, While Snooker is consist of 22-balls. (15-Reds & 6-Colors in order of Yellow-Green-Brown-Blue-Pink & Black, While the White ball is a cue ball) It’s Played on a Full-size Billiard Table with 6 Legs. 12" x 6" in size. (Yes it’s Big alright)
There’s even smaller sizes too to play on too Just like a Pool table.
There’s famous people too who play Snooker; There’s Jimmmy White, Stephen Hendry, Our Own Eddie Charlton (An Aussie)
The Late Joe Davis, Ray Readon, & John Spencer. Where’s Phil,
He should know more too, He’s from York. Hello Phil you There.


Thanks for the lesson, David!
Besides playing a teency weency bit of ‘hit the ball with the stick’ at pubs, ive never played any pool and totally suck at it…
I just stick to my one wheel…

I am indeed from York, where some big tournament thingy was held a month or so ago. Apparently I saw lots of famous snooker players; I wouldn’t recognise them if they started throwing snooker cues at me, but a few friends like snooker. I can’t say I’m a fan, really.


Thanks for that Phil. Thanks Mate.

David, what does TND Ltd. Est. 1987 Founding Member mean? what is TND?

On a “big” 12 inch by 6 inch billiards table, do you use chopsticks as cues?